Covid-19 “Vaccines” and the Nuremberg Code

The current implementation of the so-called Covid vaccines has resulted in horrendous damage to multiple thousands of people around the world. There are several factors to consider in understanding this chaos. Obviously in the first place, as of late July 2021, the “vaccines” are still in “experimental” mode, obtaining the ability to be used via… Continue reading Covid-19 “Vaccines” and the Nuremberg Code

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Jack Hibbs – July 2021

Here are a variety of 2020 and 2021 videos featuring Calvary Chapel – Chino Hills pastor Jack Hibbs. In these he deals with demonic deception, the Christian walk, as well as Covid-19 and the church. July 2021 Sermons on Romans 1:24-32 This passage of Romans deal with God’s view on Homosexuality. That YouTube has not… Continue reading Jack Hibbs – July 2021

Color Revolutions

Draft: 2021-05-16 In the following are some articles and videos that describe various aspects of a “color” or “colour” revolution. In short, it appears to describe attempts by stronger countries to create regime change in weaker countries for the benefit of the stronger. Articles Review of Color Revolution – Javad Nikmoeen Colour Revolution – Wikipedia… Continue reading Color Revolutions


Trump and Prayer with Christians

Here is a sampling of videos revealing the relationship of Donald Trump with prayer involving Christians. Meetings with Trump and Evangelical Christians Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Jentezen Franklin Speaks With James Robison (16:24) Unexpected Blessing at the White House (10:60) Christians We Must Unite in this War Jack Hibbs Speaks With James… Continue reading Trump and Prayer with Christians

The Great Awokening Conference – 2020

Conference promotional text from Sovereign Nations website: The Christian Church finds itself societally in interesting times; times of rapid change, uncertainty, and division, where all that was our sure objective standards seem to be melting into air. Among the many features of these tumultuous times is a concept called “social justice” which has manifested itself… Continue reading The Great Awokening Conference – 2020

The Devil and Karl Marx

Given on this page are links to webpages and videos dealing with Paul Kengor’s 2020 book, The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration – Paul Kengor. A detailed description of Kengor’s background as an expert in the area of Karl Marx and Marxism may be found here: Paul Kengor… Continue reading The Devil and Karl Marx

Concerns About Dr. Matthew Hall and Critical Race Theory

Concerns About Dr. Matthew Hall and Critical Race Theory This webpage is concerned with the penetration of Marxist ideology into the evangelical church.  The example provided below represents thousands of similar circumstances in academia and the pastorate, whereby the “woke” individuals seem unable to discern the negative impact of that ideology on themselves, or the… Continue reading Concerns About Dr. Matthew Hall and Critical Race Theory

Dealing with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

[Webpage under construction] The issue looked at on this webpage is ability for people with unwanted same sex attraction to be set free. Therapist David Pickup with Eric Metaxas (2020) and Testifying in Boston (2017) Therapist David Pickup On People Who Seek To Change Their Same-sex Attractions Despite Opposition (30:15) 06.06.17 Counseling Ban – David… Continue reading Dealing with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction