Food Clandestinely Loaded with Bio-weaponized Material

Updated: July 13, 2023

This posting has been assembled as an alert that food products which we buy and consume are beginning to be loaded with mRNA Gene Therapy/Nanotechnology (i.e. such as the Covid “vaccines”); something other than GMO’s, which have been used for several decades. This is being done in a clandestine manner, without governmental warning, nor any signaling from either the food source organizations or the pharmaceutical corporations which partner with governments to administer these life-crippling and fatality potential from this technology. Obviously the loading of such potentially harmful material into food products consummed by an unsuspecting public must be completely prohibited.

It is assumed in what follows below that the moving force behind all of the mayhem and human suffering is the Globalist movement, headed by the World Economic Forum and its allies, including many governments, as well as well-known adversaries such as Bill Gates, George Soros and Yuval Noah Harari. This is the entity that spent decades developing Covid-like bio-weapons, which were finally released in full in early 2020, after the earlier SARS and MERS test releases earlier in this century.

Karen Kingston and the Truth About mRNA

In late Spring of 2023, med-legal analyst and former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston provided a great amount of information concerning the devastation in the world caused by mRNA nanotechnology. These revelations need to be understood at a deep level. And it’s not just about humans; she addresses the negative impact of the widespread use of mRNA in all living entities: humans, animals, and plants.

Given below are interviews of Kingston; several fairly brief, and one longer. She cannot be accused of expressing “conspiracy theories” because she supports all her comments with details extracted from patents, government reports, pharmaceutical company documentation, peer-reviewed journal articles, and text in governmental laws. The first two interviews are with news commentator Stew Peters, and the third, longer interview is with Mike Adams, Founder of


Note that in the above video, Karen Kingston refers to a 2006 publication of a peer-reviewed study which demonstrates the ability to accumulate the recombinant SARS-CoV spike protein in plant cytosol and chloroplast, interfering with the photosynthesis process, which among other things is supposed to combine Carbon Dioxide and sunlight to produce Oxygen gas. Here’s a link to the article:

Accumulation of recombinant SARS-CoV spike protein in plant cytosol and chloroplasts indicate potential for development of plant-derived oral vaccines (2006)

Here is the second interview:

Stew Peters w Karen Kingston – Lab Grown Meat (25:48)

Here is the longer interview of Karen Kingston by Mike Adams:

Karen Kingston – CV19 Bioweapon Vax is Not Genocide, It’s extinction (1:04:16)

Focus on the Nanotechnology

Here are several videos dealing with the Nanotechnology itself which was used to initiate the Covid pandemic, and then loaded into the so-called “Vaccines” for Covid. And now the move is underway to load the Nanotechnology into our food supply as well.

There are two videos extracted from the recent documentary entitled Final Days (voice speed is slightly accelerated):



And a final summary of where things stand as of the beginning of July 2023:

Karen Kingston and Stew Peters – Transhumanism THREATENS Humanity (15:29)

Karen Kingston’s Substack location is, and her website is

Globalists Insane Push to Sneak Their Bioweapons into Food Supply

Given in the following are links to additional articles and videos from late Spring 2023, dealing with the issue of loading food with Nanotechnology:


New Push for ‘Oral Vaccines’ to Vaccinate People Using Food, 23 Percent Sales Tax May End Income Tax

Contaminated Food Supply Contributing Cause To Live Blood Analysis Findings In Unvaccinated Darkfield Blood Analysis On Grocery Meat Products

How Long Have You Been Consuming Gene Therapied Pork?

mRNA Technology is in the Food Supply

Will Food Contamination with mRNA Technology Cause Next Global Shut Down?

Biowarfare Through the Food Supply

Pig Beans – The Latest GMO Frankenfood


mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply – What We Can Do About it with Tom Renz and Naomi Wolf (35:16)

Karen Kingston – mRNA Vaccines In Your Food (25:48)

Eat Your Vaccines – mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH (11:08)

Nanotech in Grocery Store Meat (question) (16:24)


Merck Partnered with Moderna in 2019 to Vaccinate America’s Farms Using mRNA Technology (07:44)

World Enslavement with 5G Grid and Nanotech from Jabs, Food, Chemtrails – Stew Peters with Maria Zeee (14:32)

World Enslavement with 5G Grid and Nanotech from Jabs, Food, Chemtrails – Stew Peters with Mat Taylor (13:24)


The Shocking Truth About mRNA Vaccines in Our Food (Part 1) (19:60)

The Shocking Truth About mRNA Vaccines in Our Food (Part 2) (19:28)

US Climate Czar Announces War Like Effort To Shut Down American Food Supply (05:00)

Tom Renz and Missouri HB1169 – At Least Forcing Labeling that The Food Contains Bioweapons

Maybe there is some hope.

In seeking for legal protection against bio-weaponized food, the legislature in the state of Missouri has been attempting to craft and pass a law that will – at a minimum – force food providers to list on the label any and all bioweapons included in their food. Note that on this first pass, they are not attempting to devise a law to BAN the use of bioweapons; only to force them to admit that the food has been contaminated.

Tom Renz – BREAKING – CONFIRMED – Edible Vaccines are Real (part 1) (29:52)

Tom Renz – BREAKING – CONFIRMED – Edible Vaccines are Real (part 2) (30:48)

Tom Renz – It’s Confirmed They’re Vaccinating Us With mRNA Through The Food HB-1169 (46:28)

Sadly, at the time of this posting, this legislation in Missouri is not having much success.

EDTA as a Potential Agent to Detoxify Damage Done By Globalist Bioweapons

Here is another avenue of hope. For those with jab-regret, there may be help from a new source:

EDTA has been a helpful chemical agent in the past to remove heavy metals from the human body. Now there are reports that EDTA might be useful in removing some of the damaging biowarfare chemicals such as Graphene Oxide. This is definitely NOT “settled science” as yet, but it is worth following to determine how effective it might be, and what if any negative side-effects might be encountered.

EDTA To Detox from the Jabs and More – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD and her friend discuss treatments (1:13:40)


Just because the US Government has recently announced (Spring 2023) that the Covid pandemic is now “over” does not mean that the Globalists have ceased their agenda to connect everyone to Nanotechology, regardless of the resulting human suffering and death. It would appear that “vaccine mandates” and other coercion techniques within the “medical” setting didn’t result in enough damage, so they’ve opened up this additional approach to accomplish their goals of world domination. Part of the agenda is to ensure that all of humanity are connected by nanotechnology which will facilitate external servielence and possible control via 5G and similar RF connectivity.

However, now that they have been “outed” with the amazing work of people such as Karen Kingston, Naomi Wolf and her researchers, along with David Martin, Michael Yeadon, Reiner Fuellmich, and a host of Frontline and similar MD’s, yet this is no time to celebrate. As can be seen in the nearly complete takeover of the US by the Globalists (with a few pockets of resistance still functioning, such as the state of Florida and a few other Red states), we must find a way to voice our concerns and to help bring to justice those who brought this unprecedented scourge upon the world.

Finally, perhaps there can be scientific/medical research to discover, test and ultimately make available Detoxification techniques to soften or even eliminate potential life-long detrimental effects – including death – among the majority of Nanotechnology victims in the world. This would include everyone who has taken one or more of the “Covid Shots”, unless it can be demonstrated that a person actually received a saline solution instead of the nano-weaponized shots.

It would seem reasonable that all pharmaceutical companies that participated in the development and deployment of the bio-weaponized shots should essentailly be dissolved as part of the reparations for their crimes against humanity.