Covid and Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Robert W Malone MD on ADE – Suspected Higher Levels of Virus In The Vaccinated (16:12)

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD – Covid-19 Vaccines Cause The Disease (10:32)

CoronaV. ‘Vaccines’ – Threat Summary of ‘Antibody-Dependent Enhancement’ (with Dr. Simone Gold) (05:17)

Stew Peters – Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Leads To Cytokine Storms (8-11-2021) (03:36)

Attorney Thomas Renz offers new insight on Delta Variant, ADE and massive vaccine data coverup (07:28)

Dr. Dan Stock on ADE

Dr Dan Stock Specialist in Immunology and Inflammation says CDC and NIH is ignoring Science (06:04)

Note: What Dr. Stock calls “antibody mediated viral enhancement” is identical to the more widely used term “antibody dependent enhancement” (ADE).

This accompanying link provides a sizable group of downloadable PDF files providing truth about Covid that is not being made available to the public by government and health organizations:

Dr. Dan Stock’s Presentation to the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana Over The Futility of Mask Mandates and Covid-19 Protocols

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (44:36)

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the “Vaccines” and ADE

‘Treating Covid’ – Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – EDITED AND ENHANCED from the Stew Peters Show (36:16)

Trumps Covid Doctor Zelenko Says Its ‘Poison Death Shot’ and Child Sacrifice (1:13:36)