These are some of the organizations that have appeared to support the truth about the Covid bio-warfare against humanity. This list may modified over time.

Against the Wind – Dr. Paul Thomas

America’s Frontline Doctors

Bad vaccine lots

Brand New Tube – Video Platform – Covid Focus

COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,289 studiesCOVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,289 studies

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Childrens Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Daystar Covid

Daystar Vaccines

Digital Freedom Platform – LONDONREAL

Health Alliance (not yet complete)

How Bad is My Batch

Millions Against Medical Mandates

My Free Doctor (Dr. Ben Marble and Dr. Peter McCullough)

Need to Know – G. Edward Griffin

Plandemic Movies – Mikki Willis

Speak With an MD about Covid

Stop medical discrimintion

The Plant Strong Club – Current Covid Pushback

Truth Over Fear Conference

US Freedom Flyers – Legal Battle

Vaccine Police – Christopher Key

Vaccine Side Effects Group

Vaxx Choice – Latest News

Broadcastors and Podcasters

There are of course many more that could be added here, but these listed below are especially reliable.

The Stew Peters Show

Del Bigtree

The Right Side with Doug Billings

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