Globalist Climate Dystopia – Winter 2022-23


This post deals mostly with Climate Change, and the anticipated calamity to take place in Europe this winter due to lack of energy and food. In this case, the problem is not the climate itself, but the disastrous decisions that have been made over several decades to eliminate fossil fuels, and more recently to ban fertilizers for agriculture.

Before reading the text below, an opening 17-minute video is provided to set the stage:

Health Ranger Mike Adams on Illusions – September 2022

What Mike Adams refers to as “illusions” are essentially largely the product of skillfully crafted false narratives, as discussed below.

Defining the Globalists

Before dealing directly with climate issues, it is vital to understand the relationship between those issues and the actions of what people refer to as “Globalists”, a group of people around the world that are attempting to create a “New World Order.” Thus to understand public issues about climate, it is vital understand who are these people, what are their goals, and why is climate a part of their agenda. And ultimately, what role has this group of people played in the anticipated nightmare for Europe this winter?

Thus, in the following, the term “Globalists” is used to identify at a minimum the World Economic Forum (WEF), and its close allies, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the (Bill and Hillary) Clinton Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations (George Soros). In addition, there are several extraordinarily large asset manager corporations that exercise great control and should be considered part of the movement: Black Rock ($10 trillion), Vanguard ($8 trillion), and State Street ($4 trillion).

The point is that these “giants” – along with others that they essentially control – hold extensive influence over a wide range of world institutions. This influence would explain for example how all the legacy news media and tech companies (and their alleged “fact checkers”) are able to promote essentially identical Globalist policies, as well as to censure and suppress voices that dissent.

A recent video entitled Monopoly produced by Stop World Control provides some insight into the depth of influence of these “giants” and similar financial organizations – including some of the world’s wealthiest people – in supporting the Globalist objectives.

Overview of Globalist Power and Plans

Perhaps the most important current power that the Globalists have is their ability to infiltrate governments around the world, most importantly in the West. To gain understanding of how much government reach they have in the West, consider the list of World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. Of course, these leaders – now trained by the WEF – use their power in accord with the Globalist objectives.

Where the governmental infiltration is perhaps most dangerous is in the judiciary. For example, the Globalists succeeded in blocking arch-anti-Globalist Donald Trump from re-election in 2020 via widespread fraud. Yet two years later, there is still essentially no ability to undo that travesty through the judiciary.

Further, if there were a non-corrupt judiciary anywhere in the West, then the crimes committed prior to and ongoing since the outbreak of Covid would already be in the system, with trials for both RICO crimes and Nuremberg-like Crimes Against Humanity already completed, with well-deserved convictions and appropriate sentences carried out. Additionally, if there were uncorrupted judiciaries, there would be a large number of lawsuits already underway and completed against Big Pharma as well as corporate healthcare, for wrongful death and human maiming.

And also consider the influence on judicial actions of Globalist George Soros. In recent years in the US, he’s been liberally funding state candidates for Attorneys General. Once these candidates are elected and in power, they can shape the direction for prosecution of court cases which will benefit the Globalist agenda, and ignoring that which will oppose the agenda, resulting in great surge in US criminal activity.

But of course, it’s not just the judiciary. Consider the oppressive lockdowns around the West, and especially severe in Australia and New Zealand. Courtesy, ultimately, from the Globalists. And in the US, witness the corruption of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, CDC, FDA and NIH. And the closing down of US oil and natural gas pipelines, as well as permits for coal mining and fracking, and whatever else can be done to cripple the US energy sector. All part of the overall Globalist plan to weaken the US. Unlimited, illegal immigration? Also in the Globalists plans.

Can one imagine ANY Democrat politician anywhere taking an anti-Globalist position on anything?

Their goal is of course total world domination – the New World Order – using among other things state-of-the-art draconian AI techniques to maintain control. And many of their objectives are “hidden in plain view”; for example consider the literature describing The Great Reset (WEF), and UN Agenda 2030. What remains hidden however are the techniques to achieve those objectives.

Note: some of the despotic strategies of the Globalists can be understood by consideration of patents. What is not widely known is that biological weaponry around the world are protected by patents, and patents for totalitarian methods of government to enslave populations are already in existence. Of course, having a patent and having a workable product are not the same: but what patents do indicate is intention.

Two experts in understanding patents among people in resistance to the Globalists are bio-weapons expert Dr. David Martin, and former Pfizer employee and Biotech analyst Karen Kingston. In addition, Dr. Naomi Wolf is leading a cadre of 3,000 professionals who are reviewing the court-mandated release of 55,000 Pfizer documents which deal with the Covid vaccine roll-out, wherein in-depth understanding of patents is crucial.

Dr. Martin has traveled for the US government to over 150 countries around the world to locate bioweapon violations of international law. The company he formed M-CAM performed a high-tech redesign of the US Patent Office in the early 2000s. He notes that in the past two decades, there have been more than 4,000 patents dealing with Coronaviruses.

All three of these patent experts are appalled at what they see as the assault on humanity undertaken by the Globalists.

False Narratives of the Globalists

Essentially everything that the Globalists proclaim contains a fundamental backdrop of “false narratives.” That does not mean that their narratives are flimsy and easily decoded. Rather, they are issued with profound sophistication, with decades of trial-and-error state-of-the-art methods to refine their lies. And many sources of “information” including most news and social media all fall into line with the narratives. If you have been taken in by them currently or in the past, you are in common with most people in the world.

Here’s a simple example. They say, “safe and effective” relative to the Covid “vaccines” when that phrase actually contains three profound lies: (1) the “vaccines” are among the most deadly medications in all human history (thus unsafe), (2) they deeply weaken the human immune system, and people who have taken the shots are more likely to “catch” Covid than those who have not (thus ineffective), (plus, those who take the shots are susceptible to a multitude of autoimmune diseases, heart problems and sometimes sudden death), and (3) they are not vaccines, but are sometimes referred to as “untested gene therapy”, but in reality could perhaps most accurately be referred to as “biological weapons.

While the Globalist lies are everywhere – for example, consider the Biden administration – they can be divided up into several general categories where their false narratives have been of great importance in the world for decades:

  • Climate Change
  • Planned epidemics, and healthcare infiltration
  • Western academics and science infiltration
  • Societal issues and religion infiltration
  • Government, Corporate, and NGO infiltration

In this posting, most of the discussion that follows deals with the Climate Change False Narrative.

Using Climate False Narratives to Destroy the West

Some non-Globalists of substance have recently (Fall 2022) been expressing great concern about the upcoming winter and following months, and are predicting widespread famine, death, and societal breakdown, especially in Europe. Clearly the Ukraine war and the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines are major factors, resulting for example with people cutting down live trees for substitute energy, a desperate and pathetic attempt to avoid disaster.

However, should the worst happen in Europe, this would be a great victory for the Globalists. Thus far, their pursuit of a New World Order seems to be advancing with minimal successful opposition.

Much of the blame for the anticipated European freeze-out can be laid at the feet of the Globalist’s Climate Change scheme, a highly successful false narrative foisted upon the world over the past 50 or so years. This has been accomplished by ingenious scaremongering combined with pretend concern for the environment; for example, the Green New Deal.

As will be shown below, the scientific and historical truth is that there is no danger at all from the climate, even if fossil fuels were highly in use throughout the world.

Of course, questions can be raised about pollution of the environment, and indeed while ecology is an important concern, in the case of the Globalists, it is mandetory for them to destroy as many energy sources as possible, most particularly in the Western World, all the while citing their support for “Green” protection. And of course civilian nuclear energy is also disallowed by them, because that would work against their ultimate goal of crippling energy throughout the entire world: the New World Order.

The cruel irony is that even though the Globalists have successfully infiltrated information sources and academia along with governments around the world, what they cannot do is erase the fact that neither of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide nor nitrous oxide are of ANY danger to the world in causing a catastrophic rise in world temperature. That’s what TRUE SCIENCE – absent of pathologically controlled media, government and academia – definitively states.

Consider the Mass Formation process described by Belgian psychologist Mattias Desmet in the case of the long-planned Globalist Covid Bio-weapon scheme; it’s been the same for their Climate Change invention. It’s all about VERY CLEVER and SUCCESSFUL Mass Formation to achieve the goal of world domination. The Climate version of Mass Formation is now about to turn deadly in Europe, thanks to the Globalists, and a lot of deceived people.

Nitrogen Demonization

The most recent Globalist Climate fraud deals with the demonization of nitrogen, in the form of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O). And yet actual science – using state-of-the art, Noble Prize-level atmospheric and optics physics – shows that the amount of temperature elevation resulting from nitrous oxide as a greenhouse gas is less than 0.1 degree Celsius PER CENTURY!

See the following early November 2022 article which reports the utter insanity of associating Nitrous Oxide (and this nitrogen in fertilizer) with ANYTHING dangerous. This might be the Globalists most pathetically crafted lie, ever!

Nitrous Oxide And Climate – Why Restricting Emissions Is Unnecessary And Dangerous

And yet, supposedly because of the fear of too much nitrogen, the Globalists have already caused great death and suffering in Sri Lanka simply because they had the power to do so, and it fit their twisted agenda.

Carbon Dioxide Demonization

Demonization of CO2 has been a long-time principal focus of the Climate-Change fraud. Yet true science shows minimal impact of CO2 on world temperature. In a definitive recent paper on CO2 in the atmosphere, in the “summary” section, consider the following statement:

“. . . for about 95 percent of the time since complex life systems appeared (about 600 million years ago), levels of CO2 were much higher than they are anticipated to become (as much as 10-20 times today’s levels) without evidence of a relationship to global mean temperature.”

Nevertheless, the demonization of carbon dioxide has been an unbelievable plague on the world. There is abundant fossil fuel available for nearly the entire world, and technology has been developed to ensure ecologically “clean” exhausts from its use as fuel for energy. The decades of false claims about carbon dioxide are among the most devastating lies in all of human history, because of the billions of innocent human beings threatened by the Globalist’s lust for world domination in the promulgation of these demonstrably false allegations concerning danger to the world.

To learn more about the truth about Climate, independent of political considerations, the place to start is with the CO2 Coalition website. Two other excellent sites for current truth about climate are the Climate Depot, and Watts Up with That?.

In truth, the only danger to the world relative to energy is the Globalists, and all the human beings that follow their lead.

In the Appendix below, links to sample videos featuring some of the leading Climate Realists.

Recent Examples Featuring Climate Reality

This section contains a few examples exposing the TRUTH about the Climate Change False Narratives. These scientists are not dealing with Globalists or politics. They are dealing with scientific and historical truth. You the reader can fill in the blanks about WHY these profound truths are being ignored for the sake of the Globalist agenda, with the resulting suffering and deaths of many people around the world.

Wrightstone Testimony PA House EREC Hearing 2022-10-24 (34:48)

In the following article, the author Jim Steele takes great pains to not specifically identify WHO is making the bad decisions, but the obvious answer is ultimately the Globalists.

Climate Fear Mongering Bad Analyses Cause Bad Remedies – Jim Steele

Here’s a corresponding video with commentary on some of the topics he brings up in his article.

Climate Fear Mongering Bad Analyses Cause Bad Remedies (19:16)

A very alarming interview concerning the destruction of agriculture across the planet. David Dubyne’s “handle” on the internet is “adapt2030”. For example, his podcast library is found at The “2030” refers to the nefarious UN Agenda 2030, and it’s devastating WEF-supported goal of human enslavement.


Additionally, as a reminder that Europe is not alone in upcoming Globalist-created energy disaster, the US is about to have its own problems, due to the insane, Globalist policies of the Biden Administration. This next video was delivered in the last few days of October 2022:

Tucker Carlson The US is about to run out of diesel fuel (13:44)

And finally in this section, a dismal forecast for 2023 in the US and elsewhere, all shortages deliberately caused by the ultra-wealthy Globalists:

What Life Will Look Like for the Average Global Citizen in 2023 (27:56)

Summer 2022 and the Demonization of Farms and Destruction of Food Processing

In the following are some reports and interviews concerning aspects of the demonization of nitrogen (and thus nitrogen-based fertilizer for crops) and the anticipated human devastation. And included in that catastrophe, the Globalists are also shutting down farms and killing farm animals around the world. For what? World domination, via genocide. There is no other explanation.

In summary, all the current and future devastation cited below are directly and solely the results of the Globalists, and their enabling followers who have been either deceived, intimidated, or bribed.

The following links are not comprehensive, but provide a few examples of the Globalist attack on the West via “Climate Change” false narrative. Much focus was given in June and July to the Netherlands, but attempts to eliminate farms producing food for humans everywhere in the West is a primary goal for the Globalists.

Featured in much of the following are the observations of “war correspondent” Michael Yon. He started his career as a 19-year-old Navy Seal.

Michael Yon – Farmers Continue Their Uprising (04:08)

Setting the Table for Famine – Michael Yon

It is AMAZING that in the less than two years of the Biden administration, more than 100 food processing facilities around the country have been destroyed. Why hasn’t this been top news every day, with public outcry, and search for, arrest and prosecution of the saboteurs? Because the Globalists have that kind of power. Maybe the Mass Formed people will awaken when the supermarkets begin to have empty food shelves.

List of 103 U.S. Food Manufacturing Facilities Destroyed Under Biden Administration

Fall 2022 Interviews of Michael Yon Concerning Upcoming Winter in Europe

These three videos each deal with the upcoming human suffering and societal devastation, brought about in Europe and elsewhere by the Globalists, with complete support by the Biden regime.


Dr Jordan B Peterson interviews Michael Yon about Pandemic, Famine and War (1:23:04)



By far, the greatest threat to humanity in all the world are the Globalists. The “Climate Change” false narrative was one of their early thrusts at diminishing the power of the West. On the other hand, their Covid project is more recent. But they are both under the same top-level oversight, just different departments in the same org chart.

With Climate, the first false narrative was an impending “Global Cooling” catastrophe, then it changed to the Ozone Layer “problem”, and then in the 1980s, it became “Global Warming”.

But unfortunately for the Globalists, the world temperature stopped its gentle rise in the late 1990s, and remained essentially steady for 10-15 years (sometimes called “The Pause”), so the Globalists modified the catastrophe label to “Climate Change”, even though CO2 emissions continued to increase. Incidentally, this was an excellent demonstration that CO2 is NOT the control knob of the world’s temperature, nor is Nitrous Oxide nor Methane.

However, the Globalists have worked with great diligence to develop very persuasive lies, supported in part by their massive infiltration of information media and academia, which has been going on since WWII. Yes, Climate is always “changing” but the Globalists have perfected the ability to frighten the masses of people around the world, especially in the West.

Note that the Globalists have been most prominent in the past couple of years, with for example Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset book. But actually, their planning for the Covid pandemic has been going on for more than 20 years, and they’re ready to initiate further pandemics.

They have significant hegemony in many Western governments, as well as many large corporations and NGO’s. And their plans for the near future entail the elimination of national borders, and democratic governments. And they intend to control all the inhabitants of the world through inoculations, digital currency connected via AI with embedded chips, and monitored with “social credit” systems. Patents are already available for much of the infrastructure, and already in use to a limited degree.

The questions to be asked are: (1) do people of the world desire what the Globalists have implemented, and are planning? And (2) if not, is there anything that can be done to stop them?

Finally, to gain an overview of the thinking of some of the Globalists in their own words, view this edited video from the Stop World Control website:

CRY FOR FREEDOM – Why cyborgs won’t save the world (44:37)

Whether or not you are a Christian Believer, pay especial attention to Klaus Schwab’s close assistant, Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, and his views on man, God, and the Bible. I believe you cannot find Globalists criticizing Harari; the only conclusion is that they agree with him.

Note that Harari is essentially advocating Transhumanism, which entails among other things connecting human beings to the internet. If you think that Harari is simply a conspiracy theorist, I think the better view is that he is a conspirator. And adding to that is a recent Executive Order issued by Biden which opens the door to have the US government supporting such initiatives. Here is an important analysis of some of the wording in that E.O.:


From a Biblical perspective, we are dealing with Ephesians 6:12 Principalities and Powers, and it’s not just about Harari. Naomi Wolf, who has been leading the 3,000 professionals in their review of the 55,000 Pfizer documents relates that she for the first time in her life, has really started to believe in God, and has begun to pray to Him because the sense of demonic evil is so apparent in her work, with the callous disregard for human life. And now we’re beginning to see the same disregard in the results from the years of insane dismantling of fossil fuel energy, accomplished by what can only be classified as demonic lies about climate.

A recent August 2022 book by Marc Marano, co-founder of the Climate Depot is a MUST read to gain details about the connection between the Globalists and the Climate Change fraudulent narrative:

The Great Reset – Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown – Marc Morano

Many decades ago, when I was a little kid, I could walk with my brothers three street blocks to an ocean beach. I knew about high and low tide, and where the debris was left when the tide went out. All these decades later, the low and high tide limits are IDENTICAL to what they were in that distant past.

The people of Europe are about to enter into a dark and cold night from which they might not recover, because they have foolishly followed the fatal false narratives of the Globalists concerning climate.


Perhaps some of the above seems strange to some of you. Tin-foil hat, and “conspiratorial“. Well, I can understand if your primary sources of information – including academia – are “mainstream”. As noted near the top, these media and most public and private schools, as well as most hospitals and clinics are “forced” to follow the Globalist party line. How? By the plans and actions of insanely wealthy people who know how to corrupt and control much of the world. So we all have to find sources that are truly independent, with intellect and bravery. We CAN become free, and part of the growing resistance. We can all be like the Chinese man in front of the oncoming tank.

Here is a webpage containing links to a variety of alternative media websites providing information that is not controlled by the Globalists:

Alternative Media and Organizations

Here are a couple overview posts dealing with climate and Covid:

Climate Change Realities

Vital Truths Concerning Covid-19

Appendix: Sample Videos of Prominent Climate Realists

In the following are sample videos featuring several of the important scientists supporting Climate Realism.

Gregory Wrightstone

Gregory is a Geologist, and Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition.

Climate Tyrants Seeking to Silence Scientists Who Disagree, Warns Geologist (18:16)

Wrightstone Testimony PA House EREC Hearing 2022-10-24 (34:48)

Will Happer

Will Happer is a co-founder of the CO2 Coalition, and Professor Emeritus of Physics at Princeton.

Video – Dr. Will Happer – Delingpod 49 (33:24)

(From YouTube) Top physicist, expert on high-energy lasers, and anthropogenic climate change skeptic Will Happer tells James about the global warming scam.


Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore is a co-founder of Greenpeace, and an Ecologist. He is a member of the CO2 Coalition.

Patrick Moore Revised (22:32)

‘CO2 Is The Food Of Life, It Is The Foundation Of All Life’ – Dr. Patrick Moore (23:00)


Marc Morano

Marc Morano is former political aide, a journalist and an author. He is the Founder of The Climate Depot.

COVID and the Great Reset. Marc Morano with Sebastian Gorka One on One (37:44)

The Great Reset, the Permanent Lockdown, and the Globalist End-Game – Marc Morano (47:56)

Patrick Michaels

Patrick Michaels was an American agricultural climatologist. He was a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute until 2019. Until 2007, he was research professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, where he had worked from 1980. He passed away in July 2022.

Interview with Professor Patrick Michaels (2018-10-22) (39:24)

Patrick Michaels Climate Models vs. Reality (ICCC-14 October 16, 2021) (36:52)