Given in the following are links to webpages dealing with various aspects of the Covid phenomena. As new pages are created, they will be added to the top of this list.


The following speech by Dr. David Martin was given at the October 22/23 We Can Act Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Among other important issues he clearly defines the RICO felonies committed by Dr. Fauci and others who facilitate the Covid scam.

Dr David E Martin gives you the truth about coronavirus and the vaccine (41:32)

This webpage contains several Fall 2021 interviews that provide an overall understanding of the fraudulent nature of the covid phenomena.

Covid Realities as of Fall 2021: Three Scientists

Reporting conclusions from a late September 2021 Corona Committee Conference, co-founder Reiner Fuellmich states that all Covid-19 shots should be terminated immediately, as they are actually potentially deadly bioweapons, and their use should be recognized as “crimes against humanity”.


Now a Cancer connection with the shots? But Mandate Madness continues.

Is There A Covid Vaccine – Cancer Connection? Dr. Cole Interviewed by The Highwire with Del Bigtree (27:24)

A new (September 2021) book is discussed in the video below. The book,“We Are the Prey”, reveals the overall Covid plan by the Globalists, based in part on some of their source documents. Thus this book is not defining a conspiracy theory; rather, it outlines the plans that were assembled in the past – especially starting in 2016 – to achieve the hold that the Globalists currently have over governments, big-tech, and the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, world-wide.

Note in the video title below: CEPI is Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, a world-wide organization. One of the members of their Scientific Advisory Committee is the infamous Christian Drosten, who modified the Kary Mullis PCR test to ensure many “false positives” for Covid, resulting in a non-existent but desired Globalist goal of a Plannedemic.

Dr Peter Breggin Unravels CEPI Pre Plannedemic – 2021-08-26 – Warroom (35:04)

Here are two important videos, especially for those with “Jab Regret” is the following interview of President Trump’s former physician yields VITALLY IMPORTANT information for anyone who has taken the “shot”, and now wants to find protection from the havoc of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), discussed above by Dr. Robert Malone.

Dr Judy Mikovits Talks Jab Recovery! (20:36)

‘Treating Covid’ – Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – EDITED AND ENHANCED from the Stew Peters Show (36:16)

If “science” is ever to recover from its current corrupt and genocidal state, two of the hero’s will surely be Judy Mikovits and David Martin.

Dr. Judy Mikovits Warns that Fauci May Release MORE Deadly Weapons (42:04)

Investigative journalist Stew Peters interviews Dr. Martin about claims of “genocide” resulting what is termed the “Covid Plandemic”.

Stew Peters – Interview With Dr. David Martin Where He Makes Explosive Claims Of ‘Patented Genocide’ (52:00)

Finally, a clip from a longer video – originally loaded in early June 2021 – featuring former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon. In this clip, he emphasizes that the evil people masterminding the Covid Plandemic have used sophiticated war-gaming to anticipate potential pushback. He laments his own lack of propaganda skills, and urges all thinking people to spread the truth, person by person.

Our Last Chance – Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon (48:00 to the end)

Recent Covid Webpages

(Descending order by date)

Covid-19 “Vaccines” as Bioweapons

Date created: 2021/11/09 7:30pm

. Patent Text and Microscopy Provide Evidence of Bio-weapons

. Additional Videos Providing Details

. Conclusions

Covid-19 RICO Criminality – How Extensive?

Date created: 2021/11/01 7:40am

. Fall 2021 – Bearing Down on the RICO Charges

. Discussion

. Book Detailing Covid Criminal Activity by Fauci and Others

How to Obtain Ivermectin and Similar

Date created: 2021/10/11 7:55pm

. Ivermectin Sources in US

. Immune System Boosters

. Dr. Pierre Kory on Ivermectin

. Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Vladimir on Protection Against Covid

Covid Realities as of Fall 2021: Three Scientists

Date created: 2021/10/05 7:15pm

. Dr. David Martin

. Dr. Judy Mikovits

. Dr. Michael Yeadon

. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Judy Mikovits, Microbiologist – From AIDS to Covid

Date created: 2021/09/26 7:50am

. Books by Mikovits

. Likely Vaccine Damage

. Conference Appearances

. Summer 2021

Corona Committee Conference – September 2021 – Immediately Stop All “Vaccines”

Date created: 2021/09/25 8:06pm

. Corona Committee Conference Results: Stop ALL Jabs – Immediately

. More and More Jab Bad News

. Dealing With Jab Regret? Some Help

. Can True Science Recover?

. Plenty of Laws Broken to Create Fake Pandemic

Karen Kingston on Covid ‘Vaccine’ Patents and Graphene Oxide

Date created: 2021/09/11 5:45pm

. Karen Kingston Interviews – August-September 2021

. The Doug Billings Interviews

. Earlier Webpages on Covid Shots and Graphene

Dr. David E. Martin – Covid – Summer 2021

Date created: 2021/09/09 7:04pm

. Fall 2021 – Bearing Down on the RICO Charges

. Dr. Martin’s Thoughts on the Covid Plandemic – Spring 2021

. Dr. Martin Covid Plandemic Appearances – Summer 2021

. Interviews with Vaccine Choice Canada

. Book Detailing Covid Criminal Activity by Fauci and Others

Covid Injections and Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Date created: 2021/08/18 9:00pm

. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

. Dr. Dan Stock on ADE

. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the “Vaccines” and ADE

Dr. Michael Yeadon – 2021

Date created: 2021/08/12 5:50pm

Covid-19 – Slaughter of the Misled

Date created: 2021/08/06 11:34am

. Covid Injections – Slaughter of the Misled

. Graphene in the Covid Injections

. Telejournalist Stew Peters and his Guests

. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Her Informed Dire Predictions

. Dr. Joseph Mercola and Why He’s Quitting the Battle

Covid-19 “Vaccine” Scandal and the Nuremberg Code

Date created: 2021/07/26 7:58pm

. Nuremberg Code

. Brief Recitation of the Nuremberg Codes

. How the Covid Fraud Relates to the Nuremberg Code

. The Covid Fraud Lawsuits as of Late July 2021

. Protesting Against the Covid Fraud in London – July 24, 2021

. Relevant Websites

Protection from “Vaccines”

Date created: 2021/07/15 1:22pm

. Current Covid “Vaccine” Exposure

. La Quinta Columna Discovery of Graphene in Covid “Vaccines”

. Glutathione as Possible Antidote for Graphene in the Body

. Stew Peters Covid Interviews

. Transhumanism from the Shots

. Blood Clots from the Shots

. Magnets and “Vaxxed” People

. Other Possible Side Effects from “Shots”

. Additional Recent Webpages on Covid

Covid-19 Gene Therapy and Graphene Oxide

Date created: 2021/07/14 10:54am

. Stew Peters Interviews on Graphene – Early July 2021

. Miscellaeous Technical Journal Articles on Graphene Use with Medicines

. Additional mid-July 2021 Videos Dealing With Graphene

PCR Test False Positives and Covid

Date created: 2021/07/04 11:26pm

Concerns About Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Date created: 2021/06/20 7:21am

. Two Important Videos for Understanding Covid

. NOTE: An important paper on side effects – late June 2021

. The Usual Suspects

. Additional Thoughts

. Additional recent webpages on Covid

Covid-19 Fraud as of June 2021

Date created: 2021/06/13 6:48pm

. Dr. Michael Yeadon and Covid Fraud

. Atty. Reiner Fuellmich and Nuremberg 2.0 – Penalties for Covid Fraud?

. Dr. Carrie Madej and Transhumanism – the Ultimate Goal?

. Suggested Websites for More Information on Covid Fraud

Covid-related Websites

Date created: 2021/06/12 5:04pm

Free and The Brave Conference

Date created: 2021/06/07 10:53pm

. Free & The Brave Part 2

. Saturday, May 22:

. Sunday, May 23:

. Other May/June 2021 Appearances

Is Experimental Gene Therapy Safe?

Date created: 2021/05/02 2:57pm

. Context

. It’s Gene Therapy – Not a Vaccine

. Danger with SHOTs – as of mid-June 2021

. Is Your Life Is At Risk? – Urgent: Act Now

. Truth Over Fear Conference – Sample Presentations

. Suppression of the Truth?

. Time to Free America Website – Focus on Gates and Fauci

Health and Freedom Conference

Date created: 2021/04/20 4:22pm

. Child Trafficking

. Three Prominent Trump Supporters

. Additional Speakers, Interviews

. Patrick Byrne

. Trump Photographer – Gene Ho (speech starts at 13:00)

. Q-Army Links

. Q – Brief Videos

. Q – Longer Videos

Experimental Gene Therapy for Covid19

Date created: 2021/03/31 8:42pm

. Dr. Steven Hotze – It’s “Experimental Gene Therapy” not a Vaccine

. Three Interviews by Scott McKay – Warning: Occasional Rough Language (PG13?)

. Individuals – Websites Containing Links to Many More Videos and Articles

. Organizations Supporting non-Vaccine Treatment and Prevention

America’s Frontline Doctors, Covid-19, and HCQ

Date created: 2020/08/14 8:20pm

. Update as of October 23, 2020 from Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale

. PragerU Covid-19 and HCQ Videos

. Other Videos

. Helpful Articles, Downloads

. Special Note about Dr. Todaro

Covid-19 and the Deep State

Date created: 2020/04/17 4:04pm

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