Covid Thoughts at the End of 2021

Here are links to several videos, articles, and downloadable PDFs to end 2021 on a happy but also sombre note.

Athletes Collapsing and Dying from “Vaccines”

Here’s what sometimes happens to young adults who get the “vaccine” and then run. When in the history of the world prior to 2021 has this ever happened?

Note that in the second video below, we hear from Dr. Peter McCoullough, who is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology. He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems including heart and kidney disease, lipid disorders, and diabetes. He has become an expert on COVID-19 illnesses and welcomes recovered patients into his practice.

339 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 193 Dead, After COVID Shot (03:32)

Jabbed Athletes Dropping Dead – Elite Athletes at Peak Condition Collapsing!!! (19:08)

Nurse, sadly telling the truth

Healthcare around the world has been deeply corrupted by those implementing the Covid Conspiracy.


Recent David Martin

Bio-weapons are patented, and thus a logical trail of gain-of-function activities over several decades is accessible, and makes clear how the Covid Conspiracy developed. Dr. Martin is calling for the Covid conspirators to be called to justice.

Patented Genocide – Dr. Martin Exposes Fauci As Mercenary Of Death (16:20)


Judy Mikovits, Karen Kingston and Dr. Robert Malone – Vaxx Risks

Microbiologist Dr. Judy Mikovits and former Pfizer data analyst Karen Kingston issue grave warnings about further use of Covid “vaccines” (actually unproven, dangerous bio-weapons), and mRNA therapy inventor Dr. Robert Malone wants all Covid “vacinations” to stop immediately.

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Karen Kingston Explain We Ony Have Six Months To Stop The Hoax! (41:20)

Dr. Robert Malone – 19 Narrative-Changing Highlights from His 3-Hour Interview with Joe Rogan (45:44)

Recent Mike Yeadon

Dr. Michael Yeadon is a former Pfizer VP in respiratory research and development is more knowledgeable concerning details of the Covid Conspiracy than most people in the world.

Former Pfizer VP Says Asymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19 is Extremely Rare – Dr. Mike Yeadon (11:20)

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Ex-Pfizer chief scientist Dr Michael Yeadon – Mass Murder with Lies and Fake Vaccines (21:37)

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

This is the video that Robert Malone endorsed in December 2021, and got him thrown off of Twitter. I wonder why???

Also, three PDFs for download.

More Harm Than Good, EXPOSING Covax Efficacy Studies, Canadian Covid Care Alliance (38:32)

More Harm Than Good, The Pfizer Inoculations for Covid-19

On COVID vaccines – why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination

Early Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines: A Practical Approach to Home-based Care for Healthy Families

Dr. Bhakdi has had enough!

Two articles supporting his concerns about the deadly potential of the “vaccines” are also linked below.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – Organs Of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune Attack – 22.12.2021 (16:36)

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

COVID-19 Jab is Cause of Death in 30-40% of Autopsies of Recently Vaccinated, Says German Chief Pathologist

Two Flyover Interviews among Christians

At its most profound depth, the entire Covid phenomenum is a spiritual battle against demonic forces as described in Ephesians 6, and elsewhere in the Word of God.

Karen Kingston – Bio-Tech Analyst – Live Interview from Reawaken America Tour Dallas (14:52)

Clay and Vanessa Clark – THEIR Side of the Story – Flyover Conservatives (53:60)

Paul Alexander – Thoughts on Trump

The sad situation of Trump supporting the “vaccines”. How can conservatives continue to support him, if he can’t see the catastropic threat that the “vaccines” represent? It’s not just elite athletes that are dying or damaged.

Stew Peters Show – Plea to Trump from Dr. Paul E Alexander (14:36)

Dr. Paul Alexander – ‘The Public is Being Misled, Greatly Misled’ (14:00)

Link to video interview with Dr. Peter Breggin, author of COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey.

President Trump’s Deadly Embrace of Vaccines with Paul Alexander PhD – Dr. Peter Breggin (48:04)

Dr. Paul Alexander – what Trump should do now about the vaccines (1:30:48)

Judy Mikovits, telling us what to do


Dr. Judy Mikovits on Masks (01:52)