Spring 2022 – WEF Unveiled?

Much has been coming to the surface during the Spring of 2022 that brings to light the globalist scheme to create a new world order, labeled by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum as “The Great Reset”. What in the past has been labeled negatively as “conspiratorial” is now openly seen as in fact a widespread conspiracy, with stated goals and related actions as hidden in plain sight.

Here are some examples that were especially prominent during late Spring 2022. At the end of each example is a link to a webpage containing more details.

1. “Near Miss” – WHO and US Sovereignty

Maybe most importantly was the “near miss” in the US ceding its sovereignty to the World Health Organization in late May in the form of a series of amendments, whereby the WHO would be permitted to dictate what actions the US should take, in the Covid situation or any new medical emergency of international concern. And if we didn’t follow, the WHO apparently would be able to bring “force” from other nations to get us to comply.

Here is Michelle Bauchman on May 12, sounding the warning on the soon upcoming WHO Amendments, prepared by the “Biden” administration:

Michele Bachmann on WHO Amendments: ‘This creates a platform for global governance’ (14:45)

And here is an excerpt from a longer video by mRNA Therapy founder Dr. Robert Malone:

Biden Proposes a Treasonous Set of WHO Amendments That Could Undermine the U.S. Constitution Before Midterm Elections (5:08)

Here is commentary on the above video:

Increased surveillance under Article Five would allow the WHO to do a risk assessment for a member state with a suspected health crisis. This means they can use a modeling simulation like the one that overestimated COVID-19 deaths to declare a public health emergency for that member state.

Once the WHO creates this risk assessment autocratically, they will communicate with other intergovernmental organizations and other member states to make a “go or no go” decision to issue a health mandate, which is under the complete control of Director-General Tedros. Under this statute, he has complete authority to permit the WHO Constitution to take precedence over national constitutions.

Dr. Robert Malone: “This is a play to circumvent not only the U.S. Constitution but to circumvent the ability of states to control medical care within their domains.”

Because of heroic efforts among a number of very wise people, the amendments were – for the time being – defeated. An important figure in keeping on top of what was happening was James Roguski. He stated that anti-WHO activists had put together a huge email campaign (more than 30k emails!) protesting the potentially disastrous Biden amendments. The protest campaign appears to have been successful, at least in the short term.

Here is a website put together that was crucial to this pushback:

Stop the WHO – James Roguski

More details may be found here.

2. Naomi Wolf and the Pfizer Document Dump

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a writer and former strong mover in the Feminist movement. However, recently she has formed a communications business, and during 2022 has focused on the FIOA-demanded 55,000 documents on the Pfizer vaccines that are being released. She has assembled (with help from Bannon) a cadre of 3,000 professionals to read through all the documents and report on their findings.

And what they are finding is extensive deception relative to what Pfizer knew internally about their vaccines, compared to what was released to the public. For example, it is clear that Pfizer has massively violated the Nuremberg convention on the safety and efficacy of their products. Wolf has also just published a book that deals with these issues: The Bodies of Others.

Here is a brief interview of her with Steve Bannon:

Dr. Naomi Wolf Unveils New Book – The Bodies of Others (12:48)

And a longer (45-minute) recent interview with Eric Metaxas:

Naomi Wolf On Her New Book That Takes On the Powers-That-Be, ‘The Bodies of Others’ (45:48)

More details may be found here.

3. Covid “Vaccines” Damaging Child Bearing

One of the areas of great concern for Naomi Wolf is the impact of the vaccines on childbearing. Here is a former Gynecologist Christiane Northrup recently commenting on the same issue, using in part information that Wolf’s group has unearthed:

Dr. Christiane Northrup – Sex, Vaccine, Health (53:16)

Additionally, here is an FDA-produced list of known adverse events from the Pfizer vaccine. Perhaps it would be interesting to determine which of these might negatively affect pregnancy:

Nine pages of adverse events from the Pfizer Jab (03:56)

More details may be found here.

4. Covid “Vaccines” for Children – Risking their lives

Never has there been a “vaccine” made available with such minimal testing. And the current review of the Pfizer document dump indicates even more risk than previously understood. Children do not need a vaccine for Covid; they have robust immune systems. There is a great risk of near-term (already known, and devastating) and long-term (unknown, and likely catastrophic) side effects. And each additional shot raises the likelihood of serious advese events and even death. As former Pfizer VP for respiratory diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon stated, children are 50 times more likely to die from the shots, than from Covid itself.

Here is an article discussing the approval for small children, and the lack of adequate testing.

COVID Vaccines for Babies and Toddlers Have Been Approved By The FDA (2022-06-18)

Here is a discussion of the June 2022 approval of child vaccination by the FDA with Dr. Naomi Wolf, who is leading a cadre of 3,000 professionals who are reviewing the court-mandated release of 55,000 Pfizer documents which deal with the Covid vaccine roll-out.

Naomi Wolf – FDA ‘Unanimously’ Recommends Moderna Vaccines For 6-17 Year Olds (16:36)

Here is a nurse reporting on terrible side-effects of the Covid vaccines on children

Pediatric Healthcare Whistleblower – HORRIFIC Side Effects of the Covid Jab on Children a REALITY (13:44)

More details may be found here.

5. “Monkey Pox” – Another Plandemic, Courtesy of WEF?

Another issue coming to the surface now is “Monkey Pox”, but this is essentially Covid-2; it’s a man-made bioweapon, just as Covid-19. Here is a 12-minute video entailing two Christian news reporters:

Receipts – MonkeyPox Planned Like Covid Evidence Proves Psychopaths Planned, Engineered Monkeypox (12:08)

More details may be found here.

6. The World Economic Forum – Somewhat Demonic?

Next, and importantly is the whole issue of the domination of thought by those globalists who have assembled the Covid scheme, with other “plandemics” to follow: the World Economic Forum (WEF). To get an understanding of the kind of people these are, consider Klaus Schwab’s closest enabler, Yuval Noah Harari:

Hacking The Human Design – Dr. Zelenko Exposes Transhumanist Cult High Priest Yuval Noah Harari (45:00)

Harari represents the kind of person poised to eliminate all countries, take away all ownership, with everybody being happy.

More details may be found here.

7. Mass Formation – How to Un-form

A way out of these WEF-engineered mass hypnosis is to consider the thinking of Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist, and expert in Mass Formation. Here’s a brief interoduction:

Prof. Mattias Desmet – Is the Corona Narrative part of a Totalitarian Mass Hypnosis ? (12:41)

And here is a more extended discussion:


More details may be found here.


In closing, an overriding issue from the Naomi Wolf work on the Pfizer documents is that statistics now show that people who are fully vaccinated are more likely to contract Covid than those who are un-vaccinated. This is a result in part of the Covid vaccines diminishing the efficacy of the human immune system. Additionally, vaccinated people have the potential to spread Covid to others through the process of shedding, since their bodies continue to manufacture the Covid spike protein, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

What is concerning is that these concepts are desperately needed to be understood, especially in the conservative, Christian subculture. But it seems that many people in this tribe have been quite deeply “mass formed” by the information channels that they have counted on for their entire lives: news media, government, non-governmental organizations, corporations, judiciary at all levels. All have been successfully corrupted. And by inference or association, perhaps the church as well.

It is time for all people of good will – Christians or otherwise, who are simply trying to get along, and see Covid as an actual pandemic which is to be feared and dealt with via vaccination – to consider the possibility that Covid didn’t just happen; it was done to us. All of us. By extraordinarily evil people who want nothing less that total authoritarian control of the entire world. They will accomplish this via universal “vaccination”, with accompanying “vaccine passports”. This will be combined with a “reset” to eliminate cash, resulting in digital currency, which will then result in total control of all of humanity with a “social credit” system, similar to what currently exists in Communist China.

And the “shots” will also be able to inject transhumanistic capabilities into all humans, which will allow the “leaders” AI access to bodies and brains of all of humanity. Technology will do the heavy lifting, and there will be no way out.

With the above in mind, it would seem prudent to (a) abandon the idea that governments, large corporations, and healthcare have our best interests at heart, and (b) discover and implement effective, ANALOG resistance. That is, resistance that minimizes the use of technology which can be monitored by the enemies of humanity.

If this all sounds “tin-foil hat conspiracy”, be assured that it is based on facts and information that some very gifted and sophisticated people understand; those who are currently at the forefront of pushback against these world-threatening sociopaths, and who have not been “hypnotized” by mass formation.

We need to begin to exclusively listen to these “pushbackers”, and tune out the formerly valid sources of information, other than to keep track of what their current propaganda content and methodologies are, so that they can be profoundly confronted and destroyed.

Here is a list of some people that need to be known what their thinking is about Covid, and the remedies that they propose:

Dr. Naomi Wolf – Former Leftist “luminary”, author, now tech CEO, leading review and interpretation of 55K Pfizer documents.

Dr. David Martin – Bio-weapons expert, Tech CEO. Visited more than 150 countries around the world, exploring potential violations of anti-biologicial weapons laws.

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Former Pfizer VP for Respiratory research and development, author of 30 lies of Covid, understands the criminality of “killer” vaccine lots.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – German/American Lawyer, co-founder of Corona Investigative Committee.

Atty. Tom Renz – Ohio attorney,focused on lawsuits to deal with criminality of Covid conspirators, and to free people from “Vaccine Mandates”.

Karen Kingston – Bio-tech analyst, able to understand and communicate complex documents related to Covid, such as patents, contracts, scientific publications and books

Dr. Peter McCullough – Leading developer of successful early treatment protocols to deal with Covid, published hundreds of scholarly articles dealing with both heart and kidney ilnesses, lead editor for two medical journals

Dr. Judy Mikovits – Biochemist with lengthy experience dealing with viral infections and autoimmune diseases, Big Pharma and US government attempts to silence her

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three specialties: full time emergency physician; Naturalpathic wholistic medicine, Vaccination specialist and researcher.

Dr. Robert Malone – creator of mRNA genetic procedures, repeatred calls for cessation of all Covid “vaccines”

There are also a number of podcasters that can safely be followed:

Maria Zeee (ZeeMedia)

Del Bigtree (The HighWire)

Mike Adams (Brighteon)

Clay Clark (ThriveTime Show)

Tim Pool (Timcast)

And there are several newscasters who tell the truth, and expose the lies, including:

Steve Bannon

Stew Peters

Politically unfiltered video websites that do not “cancel” anti-Plandemic information, including:



Clearly there are other names that could be added to these lists. For example, for podcasters, people such as Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza and Eric Metaxas – who are very insightful and trustworthy – have not been included because they don’t focus exclusively on Covid/WEF issues.

Added note: Legal Remedies?

In early July 2022, a discussion concerning potential legal remedies to the actions of the WEF and all the cooperating entities that have been involved in the planning and implementation of the Covid scheme was held with Maria Zeee and the co-founders of the Corona Investigative Committee: Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer. They postulate that the two countries most likely to host successful lawsuits for damages as well as criminal prosections are the United States and India.

In the case of India, Fuellmich postulates that although the executive branch of the Indian government is essentially under the control of the WEF, the judiciary is actually independent, and many people in India are not at all happy with Polio devastation caused in the past by Bill Gates.

Here’s the interview:

Maria Zeee, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer – Actual Trials for Crimes Against Humanity! (1:09:04)