Climate Change Realities

Updated version: 2022-08-20 Climate Change is a political movement of the globalist Left which must be considered in light of ideology, objectives and tactics. The ideology is Postmodern neo-Marxism, and the primary goal is political and cultural power, word-wide. While obviously there are scientific aspects to this phenomenon, because of the ideology the “science” must… Continue reading Climate Change Realities

End Times Prophecy – 2020

Given below are links to presentations on End Times prophecy from early 2020, delivered by several of the prominent voices in the pre-Tribulation rapture view of Eschatology: Amir Tsarfati (Israel) An informative biography of Amir is provided by Premier Speakers Bureau. During 2019, he appeared in Singapore, Europe, Brazil, the US, Australia, and of course… Continue reading End Times Prophecy – 2020