Accountability for Biowarfare Against Humanity

[Draft 12/9/2023 – 2:04pm]

During the early days of December 2023, several extremely important events took place that might impact everyone on earth. These events are related to the 2020 bioweapon attacks unleashed upon the world by the Globalists, as part of their strategy to ultimately significantly reduce world population, and establish lock-tight strategies to implant nanodevices in all humans, allowing essentially total surveillance and control of all people in the world.

These introductory words might seem harsh, outrageous, conspiratorial, off-target, whatever, but they match very closely to known facts, some of which have only now at the end of 2023 come to the surface for all to witness. And hopefully these new facts for people of good will and sanity will allow them to take action to prevent further damage, and to help bring to extreme accountability all who have planned and executed these horrific acts. There WILL need to be offers of some sort of leniency for the many who aided in the destruction, but who were duped and betrayed by the perpetrators, and did not understand the evil they were a part of. For example, the significant number of people involved in the medical profession who assisted in the killing and maiming of millions, but perhaps would respond that they were simply “following directions.”

This introduction might be too abrupt for you the reader to go further, but my suggestion and actually plea would be for you to listen to and read what the people “in the know” and “on the front lines” have to say.

And finally, note that there are several areas of great importance today are NOT covered here, including Climate Issues, and European and Middle-east wars.

Revelations in late November and Early December 2023 Concerning Covid “Vaccines”

Given below are interviews, both on the spot and in studio, concerning the exposure of criminality associated with the Covid biowarfare which was unleashed on the world and becoming visible in early 2020. The first set of videos and documents below are associated with the statistical analysis of anonymized “governmental records” concerning dates of Covid “shots”, compared with deaths following the shots. This information was provided by a governmental whistleblower in new Zealand. The claim being made is that there is less than one chance in several billion that this analysis is untrue.

The second set of videos and documents are concerned with the issuance of a massive lawsuit by the State of Texas against Pfizer, concerning deceptive and criminal acts associated with the release and implementation of their “Covid shots”.

New Zealand Governmental Records of Covid Vaccine Conclusively Demonstrating Unacceptable Lethality

This section deals with the aftermath of the release of anonomyzed data connecting dates of people getting Covid “jabs” with the dates of their death.

Sample Substacks

Health New Zealand: Where is your analysis of your data? Why aren’t you publishing it?

New Zealand Whistleblower who Shook the World has Been Raided by Police

New Zealand Whistleblower Facing 7 Years in Prison for Exposing Mass Vax Deaths

Worldwide Cover Up: New Zealand Ministry of Health Data Shows C19 Shots Killed Millions Across the World

Sample Short Videos


New Zealand Barry Young Democide Whistleblower Released (04:12)

New Zealand Is A Crime Scene – In One Clinic, In One Day 30 People Were Covid Vaccinated And All 30 Have Died (08:32)

Maria Zeee with Karen Kingston on the Significance of the M O A R Whistleblower Data Drop (11:08)

Sample Longer Videos

Liz Gunn NZ Government Whistleblower EXPLODES Worldwide!!! Accountability is COMING! (31:56)

New Zealand COVID Lethal Injection Whistleblower Gives First Interview, Drops Huge Truth Bombs! (1:02:12)

Pfizer Lawsuit Awakens US to Mass Vax Murders – 11,000 NZ ELITES GOT CV19 EXEMPTIONS Karen Kingston (1:02:20)

Texas Lawsuit Texas Against Pfizer

According to Med-legal analyst Karen Kingston (and others), because Pfizer did not contract with the US Federal Government, they have no liability coverage that would provide indemnity. Further, during “discovery”, criminal acts are likely to be discovered, leading to prosecution.

Sample Substacks

Pfizer Never Had Legal Immunity

Will the PREP Act Stop Texas from Suing Pfizer?

#4. Pfizer’s CEO Lied to Investors and the Public

Sample Videos

TX AG Ken Paxton Details Pfizer’s Deception Campaign In Bombshell Lawsuit (02:44)

FINALLY – Pfizer Sued Over Deception But Does It Go Far Enough Texas AG Paxton Takes On Big Pharma (37:52)

Dr. Wolf Breaks Down AG Ken Paxton’s Lawsuit Against Pfizer For Defrauding American Citizens (29:36)

Pfizer Lawsuit Awakens US to Mass CV19 Vax Murders – Karen Kingston (1:02:20)

Maria Zeee – Karen Kingston – State of Texas Sues Pfizer and NZ Whistleblower WILDFIRE!!! (1:23:44)


The thought of actually seeing accountability for the killing and maiming of humans around the world seems like a distant dream. Partly because much of the world doesn’t even understand that they have been assaulted by other human beings who are ruthless beyond measure, with demonic goals and tactics. Perhaps the perpetrators feel that AI will save them, but actual TRUTH, and the Power of Almighty God defeats them in the end.

However, people need to know that they have been profoundly betrayed and mistreated. And the more that people such as New Zealand’s Barry Young step up, the quicker will be the defeat of these montrous people.