Evangelical Progressives and Fundaphobia

Over the past number of years, in conversation with friends and acquaintances involved in Christian Higher Education, the words “fundamentalism” or “fundamentalist” are often expressed, generally with disapproval. These labels seem to be applied in a variety of discussions: theological, scientific, and political. Based not only on these encounters but also reading blogs and symposia . . . → Read More: Evangelical Progressives and Fundaphobia

Cultural Marxism – Part 4 – Race

This is the fourth in a series of postings concerning cultural Marxism.

The first is a brief overview of the ideology and its influence on the West. The second looks at the goals and objectives of cultural Marxism. The third considers the interplay between political correctness and cultural Marxism’s root level goals and objectives. . . . → Read More: Cultural Marxism – Part 4 – Race


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