Attachment to the Joint Committee on Public Health – July 26, 2023

Given in this post is essentially the information I uploaded to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Health, to support my 2-minute testimony at the July 26 public hearing at the Statehouse, concerning proposed legislation dealing with exemptions to vaccinations that mostly would remove parental and personal objections based on religious concerns. There were well over 100 “2-minute” testimonies, almost exclusively requesting that exemptions NOT be removed.

While my 2-minute OUTSTANDING testimony was over in a flash, I gave the committee considerably more than two minutes of reading/viewing, as can be seen below.

To the Joint Committee on Public Health – July 26, 2023:

I am including this attachment to provide context for my opposition to MA legislation that in any way restricts a person or parents with school-age children from deciding whether or not to receive injections for Covid-19 or similar mRNA devices. Thus I oppose the current bills-in-process: H.2151, H.604, S.1458 and S.1391, and support H.582.

From a medical point of view these Covid injections have caused unprecedented death and life-altering suffering for millions of people around the world, as well as in Massachusetts. Not only should wise people be able to refuse the injections, the Commonwealth should assemble and deploy legislation to ban them, with the Joint Committee on Public Health leading the way.

The so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” are the most destructive “medications” ever forced upon people in the world, and from a legal and technical point of view, they must be classified as “bio-weapons”, and may also be referred to as “weapons of mass destruction.” And they are not “medications”; they are inorganic, nanotechnical medical devices, which alter the DNA of the person receiving the shot, and cause the person s body to act as a spike protein generator.

Before reading further, please take the time to review the following videos, each about 20 minutes in length. They provide insight into the FACT that the Covid “vaccines” as well as the original pathogen are bio-weapons:

Dr. David Martin is a bio-weapons and patent expert, traveling to more than 150 countries around the world to search for violations of bio-weapons treaties.

Dr David E. Martin PhD – Covid Summit – European Union Parliament May 2023 (21:08)

Karen Kingston is a med-Legal analyst who has a great gift of being able to understand technical documentation, and communicate it in readable terms. She was recruited by Big Pharma while still an undergraduate, and joined Pfizer in NYC area in sales and marketing after graduation. However, her success within Pfizer led her to start her own consulting firm in San Diego.

Here are portions of her discussion about the Nano Technology used in Covid-19 “shots”, from the June 2023 documentary video “Final Days”:

Karen Kingston – The mRNA COVID Bioweapon – Nano Technology, Transhuminism and Directed Evolution (21:16)

He is a link to the entire “Final Days” video:

FINAL DAYS DOCUMENTARY – Elite’s Plan to Merge Humans With Nanotechnology – Stew Peters (1:05:48)

There has been massive criminality at many points along the way to develop, test and deploy these “shots”, and this can most easily be recognized by the contents of thousands of patents obtained over that past 20-30 years. For example, the “original” Covid-19 pathogen was patented in 2017, two years before it was purposely released to “infect” people and begin the pandemic. And there were patents related to the earlier “trials” seen in the SARS and MERS mini-pandemics (see Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill, partnering with Dr. Fauci).

As far as Covid-19 is concerned, there were no bats nor other animals involved in the “spreading” of the pathogen, and there was no “lab leak”. In other words, its release was well-controlled and long-planned (see for example Event 201, Bill Gates, and ECO Health Alliance), to accomplish essentially demonic goals. And the United States of America is the principal perpetrator.

At this time – mid-summer 2023 – there are beginning to be large-scale attempts around the world to terminate the use of the mRNA injections, and to arrest and prosecute those responsible for development and deployment of these bio-weapons, and to confiscate and destroy all remaining vials. (See attachments)

However, there remains one mammoth project that is needed as soon as possible to be concluded and deployed around the world, and that is to develop detoxifying agents and procedures to “heal” ALL PEOPLE in the world (including Massachusetts) who have been contaminated by Covid-19 injections.

The arrest, conviction, and harsh sentencing for the perpetrators should be one of three highest priorities for every governmental body around the world. Secondly, and at the same time, the detoxification process should be undertaken for all of humanity. And thirdly, virtually ALL indemnity shields should be removed from corporations who have committed these crimes, opening the gates for lawsuits relative to those killed by the “shots”, as well as those profoundly maimed for life.

Given below are links to two documents that can provide details to support everything stated above, including hyperlinks to source documents, and illustrative and clear text to allow even “ordinary” people to understand.

Richard Mann, PhD

Links to attachments:

Executive Summary- National American Renaissance Movement

Covid-19 Grand Jury Petition

(Warning in the above link: MUCH annotated documentation provided, including links; so extensive that the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” cannot possibly be applied. In other words, TRUTH is being described).

Examples of Secretly Injecting Humans with Covid “Vaccines”:

In the file that I uploaded to the Joint Committee, a list of links describing aspects of the loading of mRNA bio-weaponized material to food was provided. This activity was briefly referenced in my 2-minute July 26 testimony.

Here is a link to a webpage with that same list:

Food Clandestinely Loaded with Bio-weaponized Material

Also stated in my testimony was a similar clandestine loading of mRNA bio-weaponized material into Insulin:

More Evidence: My Insulin Poisoned

And another report; this time, bio-weaponized nano-particles in dental anesthetics:

Darkfield Microscopy Of Dental Anesthetics

Detoxification of Covid “Vaccines”

Finally, the issue of detoxification from the Covid-19 shots is addressed. This action would seem to be mandetory for essentially everyone in the world. Given below is a link to a webpage that provides links to current articles and videos which are dealing with this critical problem. This webpage is under development, with changes and additions expected during Summer 2023.

Detox Options for mRNA Contamination from Covid Shots

And maybe before linking to the above page, perhaps take a look at the following 44-minute interview of Ana Maria Mihalcea (MD, PhD) concerning what appears to be happening at the celular level – including blood clots – when the mRNA Nano-particles are loaded into humans, either by the Covid shots, or from “laced” food, Insulin, dental anesthetics, and undoubtedly many other “techniques” yet to be revealed. Or not revealed.

Maria Zeee and Dr. Mihalcea on Infowars edited for brevity 02-Dec-2023 (44:08)

Behind the Scenes – The World Economic Forum

In conclusion, here is a webpage focusing on one of the most articulate members of the World Economic Forum: Israeli historian and professor Yuval Noah Harari. The WEF will not allow anything or anybody to get in their way of total world domination, and a major tool will be Transhumanism, clearly defined by Harari.

Yuval Noah Harari – Klaus Schwab’s Close Advisor