Covid-19 “Vaccines” and the Nuremberg Code

The current implementation of the so-called Covid vaccines has resulted in horrendous damage to multiple thousands of people around the world. There are several factors to consider in understanding this chaos. Obviously in the first place, as of late July 2021, the “vaccines” are still in “experimental” mode, obtaining the ability to be used via… Continue reading Covid-19 “Vaccines” and the Nuremberg Code

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Jack Hibbs – July 2021

Here are a variety of 2020 and 2021 videos featuring Calvary Chapel – Chino Hills pastor Jack Hibbs. In these he deals with demonic deception, the Christian walk, as well as Covid-19 and the church. July 2021 Sermons on Romans 1:24-32 This passage of Romans deal with God’s view on Homosexuality. That YouTube has not… Continue reading Jack Hibbs – July 2021