Election 2020

Given below are links to webpages dealing with the massive fraud in the November 3, 2020 elections in the US, such that a seemingly successful Coup d’état has taken place. As of late Summer 2021, an illegitimate federal executive branch has been racing at top speed to work with an illegitimate legislative branch to undertake massive and potentially irreversible changes in the US federal government. This has been accomplished by the widespread corruption of the judicial branch, in for example their unprecedented refusal to adjudicate any of the evidence of fraud, based on the flimsy excuse of “standing”, from the early days after the election on into the new year. And of course a corrupt media and Big Tech have played their nefarious roles as well.

The webpages below contain many links to videos and articles revealing abundant details of how the fraud was undertaken. However, it appears that the “war-gaming” processes (for both the election and Covid) used by the Marxist/Globalist Left seem up to this point to have been very successful, and the America that has existed for 245 years is now being dismantled, with the August 2021 disaster in Afghanistan a visible example of what is taking place throughout the “deep state” to solidify the takeover.

In addition to the Afghanistan debacle, the evil detention of people fraudulently arrested in the January 6 Capitol false flag event is a foretaste of much more widespread persecution against “patriotic” Americans, unless something changes.

And obviously the most drastic example of all is the significant compromise of the scientific and medical establishment in the Covid era, resulting in a majority of Americans being “jabbed” with untested “vaccines” resulting in unprecendented death and an escallation of the potency of the disease, with time-tested theraputics (e.g., Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc.) disallowed.

Thus, all prudent and effective pushback is greatly needed. A counter-coup IS possible, but it’s going to take patriotic people to be prepared to take a role, among the first of which is to gain understanding of BOTH the 2020 election fraud and the fraudulent aspects of Covid.

One video that covers important aspects of the election fraud was provided at the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium on August 10-12, 2021:

Proof The US Military Knows That China Hacked The Elections To Install Administrator Biden (22:28)

Recent Election Fraud Webpages

(Descending order by date)

Election Fraud Cyber Realities

Date created: 2021/08/18 5:30pm

. Election 2020

. Mathematics and Patterns

. Law Professor Dr. David Clements

. Sample Bannon WarRoom Coverage

Election and Covid Fraud – Late May 2021

Date created: 2021/05/24 6:56am

2020 Election – State Audits

Date created: 2021/04/30 8:02pm

. State Audit Reports – Late May

. Arizona

. Pennsylvania

. Georgia

. Wisconsin

. Michigan

. State Audit Reports – Early May

. Arizona Audit

. Michigan – pre-audit

. New Hampshire – pre-audit

Election Fraud – Early April 2021

Date created: 2021/04/07 4:29pm

. Election Fraud and Sidney Powell

. Election Fraud and Mike Lindell

. Election Fraud and Patrick Byrne

. Additional Election Fraud Insights

Mid-February 2021 Thoughts on Election Fraud

Date created: 2021/02/17 9:38pm

. Recent Reports of Election Fraud

. Possiblities of Military Intervention By April 2021

. Thoughts on What to Work On for Future Elections

Post January 6 Election Fraud Revelations

It appears that the missing link as to where the vote switching from Trump to Biden on November 3/4 actually took place was in Italy. Given in this webpage are a series of videos dealing with aspects of this revelation.

Date created: 2021/01/10 1:50pm

. Reports from Italy

. People seemingly with connections

. Specific Italygate discussions including Maria Zack

. From a couple ordinary conservative bloggers

. Applicable scripture for these events – Psalms 10

Election Fraud Summary – December 14-30

In this webpage, an assessment is made of where things stand relative to the 2020 election in the last week of December. First, a section is provided which provides information of the status of exposing election fraud. Next, several videos are included dealing specifically with the Georgia Senate runoff election on January 5, and the Joint Session of Congress on January 6 to decide the final Presidental electors count. Finally, two sections are provided to attempt to describe where the election and the nation stand at the end of 2020, along with some historical context.

Date created: 2021/01/01 8:12pm

. Election Fraud Evidence and Lawsuits

. January 5

. January 6

. Where Things Stand – December 27, 2020

. Historical View