Detox Options for mRNA Contamination from Covid Shots

September 23, 2023 Note: The information contained in this webpage should be characterized as “preliminary”. In other words, the material by no means covers all detox protocols. As additional helpful information is discovered, this page may be updated.

What is becoming clear is that one of the most important tasks for the world to take on is to provide “safe and effective” methods to detoxify all those who have Covid-19-like nano-technological bio-weaponized activity in their bodies. It could turn out that nearly everyone in the world is somewhat contaminated, due to the following:

  • Receiving Covid-19 shots
  • Acquiring the bio-weaponized material by “shedding” from individuals who already possess the nano-activity
  • Acquiring the bio-weaponized material from mRNA-laced food products
  • Acquiring the bio-weaponized material from mRNA-laced dental anesthesia

  • Acquiring the bio-weaponzied material from mRNA-laced insulin.

  • Spreading of Covid-19 via aerosol (sometimes referred to as “lab leak”). How “they” initiated the “pandemic”.

Sadly, the above list might well need to be enlarged. For example, it would seem likely that the evil people that have brought this plague upon us will also resort to some kind of “chem-trails” attacks from the sky. Perhaps that has already happened.

In this posting, we’ll take a look at one protocol that seems to have great promise: that of Dr. Peter McCullough. And we’ll also take a look at work done to deal with the very real problem of “rubbery” blood clots, also caused by the shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough – Covid-19 Detox Protocol

Dr. McCullough is one of the most published MD in all of medical history, with at least 1,000 peer-reviewed articles. He has also been the editor of two important medical journals. His clinical specialty is in Cardiovascular and Renal (kidney) medicine.

Dr. McCullough has also been extremely critical of the medical profession as well as the governmental and corporate entites who have conspired to plan and execute the Covid bio-weapon upon humanity.

For example, consider the following September 13, 2023 speech at the European Parliament:

Dr. McCullough’s Speech at the European Parliament (2023-09-13) (17:28)

Here are notes from that speech:

Dr. McCullough’s Speech at the European Parliament – Notes

First Published Spike Protein Detox Protocol

Here’s the peer-reviewed journal article:

McCullough et. al., Clinical Rationale for SARS-CoV-2 Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

Here is Dr. McCullough commenting on the Protocol:

The First Published Detoxification Protocol to Help Clear Spike Protein from Cells and Tissues. (07:08)

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD/PhD – Eliminating Covid “vaccine”-caused Rubbery Blood Clots

Note: The information given is this section should be considered to be under development. As updates are un-covered, this section will be modified.

One of the serious side-effects from the Covid-19 bio-weapons – sometimes referred to as “vaccines” – is the production of strange “rubbery” blood clots. An important source of information is obtained from clots found in autopsies of victims of the “vaccines”.

Dr. Mihalcea Background

A thorough delineation of Dr. Mihalcea’s professional and personal background can be found here.

A few highlights include being a native of Romania, medical education (MD, PhD) in Germany, and clinical practice – combined with medical research – in suburban Seattle, Washington, and in the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Her research has been in the area of cancer, and she is also certified in chelation therapy (EDTA, etc.).

She is author of the book LIGHT MEDICINE: A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity.

Dr. Mihalcea Studies of Covid Shot-related Blood Clots

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Microscopic Tech Found In Vaccinated: Blood Clots Contain HYDROGEL (13:44)

Substacks on Blood Clotting in the “Vaccinated”

Dr. Mihalcea Blood Clot Analysis – Dr Joseph Sansone

Blood Clot Analysis From Living And Deceased Individuals Shows Consistent Findings: A Rubber Like Polymerized Protein – Microscopy Shows Filaments. Part 1 of 3 – Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

Blood Clot Analysis From Living And Deceased Individuals Near Infrared Spectroscopy Shows Multiple Hydrogel Polymer Components – Part 2 of 3 – Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

Blood Clot Analysis From Living And Deceased Individuals – Preliminary Chemical Solubility Testing – Part 3 of 3 – Dr. Ana Mihalcea With Clifford Carnicom

Interview Concerning Clots in Unvaxxed Blood – SGT Report


My Interview With SGT Report On Darkfield Microscopy Findings Of Nanotechnology In Unvaccinated Blood And Rubbery Clot Investigation

Substacks on Blood Clotting in the “Un-Vaccinated”

Correlation Of Severity Of Live Blood Contamination Seen On Darkfield Microscopy With Visible Clotting In C19 Unvaccinated Individual

Rubbery Clot Formation Shown In Living C19 Unvaccinated Person Via Darkfield Microscopy – Hydrogel Replacing Blood

Analysis Of Symptomatic Health Findings In C19 Unvaccinated Individual Shows Hydrogel Signatures Matching Deceased Clots And Complete Absence Of Water – Dr Ana Mihalcea and Clifford Carnicom

BREAKING NEWS On ‘The Expose’ – Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea -: Just like Pfizer’s covid injection, quantum dots in long-acting insulin are assembling ‘rubbery blood clots’ made of hydrogel

Good News – Clots Can Be Dissolved

Dissolve Hydrogel Blood Clots with EDTA and Vitamin C. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD (02:60)

C19 Unvaccinated Have Same Blood Clotting Problem As C19 Vaccinated – EDTA And Vitamin C Prevents Blood Clotting In C19 Unvaccinated

Extra Note about Vaccinated Blood and Transhumanism

There is an extract of this interview of Dr. Mihalcea by Maria Zeee, and there’s the entire discussion.

Brief version:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea Vaccinated Blood REACTS to a 4-Hertz Frequency which is produced by HAARP (06:28)

Full version:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – NEW EVIDENCE – Uninjected Unable to be Mind Controlled? (1:16:44)