Migrants and Immigration

Note that our borders would be secure right now if it weren’t for the corporate Right that wants the cheap labor of illegals. On US-Mexico Border Immigration Two fiesty anti-illegal immigration women – one a Christian, the other probably not. Michelle Malkin – Open Borders Inc. The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (38:56) Ann Coulter –… Continue reading Migrants and Immigration

Genesis 1 – Reconciliation of Biblical and Scientific Views

Over the past several hundred years constituting the scientific era in the West, there have been numerous attempts to reconcile the proclamations of science with the view of the natural world described in the Bible. Among the most common areas of contention has been the description of the beginnings described in Genesis 1. By the… Continue reading Genesis 1 – Reconciliation of Biblical and Scientific Views

End Times Prophetic Voices – 2019

Given below are links to presentations on End Times prophecy from mid-2019, delivered by three of the prominent voices in the pre-Tribulation rapture view of Eschatology: Amir Tsarfati (Israel) An informative biography of him is provided by Premier Speakers Bureau. During 2019, he has appeared in Singapore, Europe, Brazil, the US, Australia, and of course… Continue reading End Times Prophetic Voices – 2019