Sourcing Evangelical Progressivism — Part 2 — Racial Issues

This is the second essay in a series dealing with the ideological source of contemporary progressivism, and the implications for evangelicals. In Part 1, the correlation was examined between political correctness and Cultural Marxism, and some source documentation was reviewed. For example, here’s an additional comment from Cultural Marxist co-founder Antonio Gramsci:

“…he needed to . . . → Read More: Sourcing Evangelical Progressivism — Part 2 — Racial Issues

Sourcing Evangelical Progressivism

Cultural and political ideologies have historical records which can be traced back to origins. For evangelical Christians, the origins as well as contemporary manifestations of these ideologies can be examined relative to adherence to or divergence from the Biblical record.

The term “progressive” refers to the current operating ideology of the Democrat party. Following WWII, . . . → Read More: Sourcing Evangelical Progressivism


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