Bringing Covid-19 Perpetrators to Justice

There has been massive criminality at many points along the way to develop, test and deploy the Covid-19 “shots”, and this can most easily be recognized by the contents of thousands of patents obtained over that past 20-30 years. For example, the “original” Covid-19 pathogen was patented in 2017, two years before it was purposely released to “infect” people and begin the pandemic. And there were patents related to the earlier “trials” seen in the SARS and MERS mini-pandemics (see Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill, partnering with Dr. Fauci).

As far as Covid-19 is concerned, there were no bats nor other animals involved in the “spreading” of the pathogen, and there was no lab leak. In other words, its release was well-controlled and long-planned (see for example Event 201, Bill Gates, and ECO Health Alliance), to accomplish essentially demonic goals. And the United States of America is the principal perpetrator.

At this time – Fall 2023 – there are beginning to be large-scale attempts around the world to terminate the use of the mRNA injections, and to arrest and prosecute those responsible for development and deployment of these bio-weapons, and to confiscate and destroy all remaining vials.

However, there remains one mammoth project that is needed as soon as possible to be concluded and deployed around the world, and that is to develop detoxifying agents and procedures to “heal” ALL PEOPLE in the world who have been contaminated by Covid-19 injections.

Thus, the arrest, conviction, and harsh sentencing for the perpetrators should be one of three highest priorities for every legitiment governmental body around the world. Secondly, and at the same time, the detoxification process should be undertaken for all of humanity. And thirdly, virtually ALL indemnity shields should be removed from corporations who have committed these crimes, opening the gates for lawsuits relative to those killed by the “shots”, as well as those profoundly maimed

However, first a review of the bio-weaponized nature of the Covid “shots”.

mRNA Shots as Bio-weapons

Here is the Spring 2023 video entitled “Final Days” which deals with those involved in the planning and implementation of the Covid Plandemic. Extensive explanation of the nanotechnical and biochemical aspects of the Plandemic are provided by Med-Legal Analyst and former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston.

FINAL DAYS DOCUMENTARY – Elite’s Plan to Merge Humans With Nanotechnology – Stew Peters (1:05:48)

Here are a few individuals who deeply understand the bio-weaponization of the “shots”: Francis Boyle, Karen Kingston, David Martin and Naomi Wolf. There are many more, but these are all worth knowng about.

Attorney Francis Boyle

Here is an interview of Attorney Francis Boyle, the person who “wrote” the legislation on bio-weapons during the Bush I administration. The bill was passed UNAMINOUSLY by both houses of Congress:

Francis Boyle – FDA DIRECTLY Involved With Engineering COVID-19 At Fort Detrick and UNC Chapel Hill (24:56)

Karen Kingston

Given below are links to representative samples of Substack postings by Med-Legal expert Karen Kingston during 2023. During this time, she has published over 100 Substack articles, “quoting” from source material such as patents, pharmaceutical company documents, and governmental and legal documentation.

COVID-19 is a Pandemic of mRNA Technology. Spike Proteins are mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles

Blackrock, DARPA and Obama Pioneered Neuroweapon Technologies

Neuralink and mRNA Technologies are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Also an interview, ultimately discussing accountability:


Dr. David Martin

Francis Boyle and Karen Kingston are not alone in identifying the Covid “shots” as bio-weapons. that classification. As early as 2021, patent expert Dr. David Martin also came to the same conclusion. It is perhaps no mystery that Dr. Martin as well as Karen Kingston have extensive experience in dealing with patents, with the company that Martin founded was awarded the tasks of re-structuring the US Patent Office back in the early 2000s. Additionally, Martin had travelled to over 150 countries over a decade or so to seek out violations of bio-weapons laws.

Here is Dr. Martin testifying at the EU Parliament in May 2023:

Dr David E. Martin PhD – Covid Summit – European Union Parliament May 2023 (21:08)

Here is the link to a webpage that provides much information on what David Martin knew concerning criminality of Covid-as-bioweapon by the end of 2021!

Covid-19 RICO Criminality – How Extensive?

Naomi Wolf

Another important individual supporting the concept of mRNA shots-as-bio-weapons is former Leftist Feminist and now the overseer of the FOI-mandated Pfizer documents, Dr. Naomi Wolf. It is her Tech Company Daily Clout that has been overseeing the review of more than 55,000 documents concerning the bringing to market of the Pfizer Covid-19 “vaccines”.

She – working with conservative commentator Steven K. Bannon – enlisted the help of more than 3,500 “professionals” – MDs, PhDs, other medical workers – to painstakingly review all those mandated documents, and produce detailed reports which summarize what has been found.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents (06:48)

Stew Peters w Naomi Wolf – Pfizer’s Crimes Against Humanity EXPOSED – Docs Show Pfizer Knew CLOT SHOT (18:40)

Dr. Naomi Wolf – Pfizer KNEW Shots Caused FETAL DEATHS and SPONTANEOUS ABORTIONS (20:48)


Legal Actions Underway to Judge Accountability

There are multiple efforts around the world to achieve accountability for the world-wide bio-weapon attack on humanity. This is much larger than death and maiming that took place under the reign of Hitler in the mid-Twentieth Century. However, tragically there has been neither any legal accountability, not any orders to completely halt the bio-weaponized shots.

Here are examples of attempts at legal accountability as of the Fall of 2023:

National American Renaissance Movement (NARM)

Here is an Executive Summary that provides details for how this organization is proceeding:

Executive Summary- National American Renaissance Movement

And here is a document outlining the crimes that have been committed:

Covid-19 Grand Jury Petition

Here is a discussion among some of the leadership of NARM concerning their approach and expectations.

NARM ‘Ban the Jab’ Forum (2:08:20)

Counties in Florida Attempting to “Bad the Jab”

Not only do they want to ban the shots, that want the remaining unused vials to be siezed and destroyed, and those who have been involved in dispensing the shots to be arrested and prosecuted for their “Crimes Against Humanity”.

DEMAND: Immediately Stop Access to COVID-19 Injections Across All Florida Counties

BOOM! Evidence of Covid ‘Vaccine’ Crimes Submitted to Florida Grand Jury Investigation

Ban the Jab Update: Evidence Submitted to All of Florida Prosecutors and all Florida Law Enforcement

Reaching Out to COVID-19 mRNA Victims in Florida

Important Florida Update on Sheriffs’ Demand Letter

Ban The Jab Resolution Given To Sheriffs In Florida – Republicans Urge Action Against Deadly Vaccines (20:56)

Ana Maria Mihalcea and Crimes Against Humanity

Dr. Mihalcea has been involved in both scientific research and clinical treatment of patients harmed by the nano-devices loaded into their bodies from the bio-weapons developed by the US and other nations, as ultimately directed by the World Economic Forum, the WHO, and similar entities who wish to control the world, greatly decrease world population, and install devices within all of humanity that they haven’t put to death with inorganic nano-devices, such that they can be externally acted upon.

Here are two fairly length videos that give an idea what she is doing to help humanity to be delivered from the demonic effects of the nano-devices:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea mRNA Crimes Against Humanity. Bodies of Entire World Population Violated (1:00:28)

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – They Have Put Artificial Life INSIDE HUMANS, Legal Action Commences (1:08:33)

Karen Kingston – Details of Criminality

Karen Kingston re-posted at the end of October 2023 these sizable delineations of Covid criminality:

Breaking News – Pfizer is Liable for the Injury, Diseases and Deaths Caused by their mRNA Injections and They Need to Be Taken off the Market

The Sheriff’s Letter to Criminally Prosecute Pfizer

Detoxing from Nano-technology

A mentioned above, perhaps the most vital action to be taken around the world in additon to stopping all Covid “shots”, as well as other sources of nano-technology clandestingly loaded into the body of humans, animals, food, and the environment is developing and making availble the detoxing protocols which will cleanse the body from the Transhumanistic hydrogels that most people in the world are now contaminated with.

A separate webpage is provided to deal with this extraordinarily important issue:

Detox Options for mRNA Contamination from Covid Shots