Migrants and Immigration

Note that our borders would be secure right now if it weren’t for the corporate Right that wants the cheap labor of illegals.

On US-Mexico Border Immigration

Two fiesty anti-illegal immigration women – one a Christian, the other probably not.

Michelle Malkin – Open Borders Inc. The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (38:56)


Ann Coulter – Part 1 of 2 The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (45:52)


Ann Coulter – Part 2 of 2 The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (46:20)


On European Immigration

Lauren Southern has been a Canadian Right-wing firebrand, and recently “retired” at age 26 to actually have a “normal” life. Her speech below to the EU Parliament was to an empty hall. Hmmm. There’s another video of her testifying in “migrants” at an actual EU committee hearing (not linked here).

The “Borderless” documentary was a pretty risky venture being imbedded with migrants, mostly based in Turkey, but partially also in North Africa. She is exposing the corruption among the traffickers, and the vulnerability of the migrants. Among the most evil acts is when the traffickers convince the migrants to destroy their passports, rendering them trapped wherever they are to be further exploited.

Prior to her work on basically Mediterranean migration, she spent time doing a documentary in South Africa entitled “Farmlands” dealing with the White farmers being driven off their property by Blacks.

In 2017, she changed her official gender from female to male to demonstrate the foolishness of the laws on gender in Canada.

Changing My Mind On Immigration – My EU Speech (42:12)


Borderless (2019) EMERGENCY BACKUP (1:27:12)


Extra material – Lauren Southern in South Africa (15:08)


Lauren Southern Becomes a Man (8:03)


Free speech advocate Lauren Southern shows how easy it is to become a man in Ontario, getting a letter from a doctor that she WAS a man, and then going to the province office to get her ID card. Easy. Lauren is now a man. What is unsure is how many XY chromosomes she picked up in the process!

Ravi with Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro

How My Crisis Can Help You Find Meaning In Your Life Ravi Zacharias SPIRITUALITY Rubin Report (55:12)


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Allie Beth Stuckey with Dave Rubin

Respectful Disagreement, Christianity, and Marriage (Allie Stuckey Full Interview) (1:02:56)