End Times Prophetic Voices – 2019

Given below are links to presentations on End Times prophecy from mid-2019, delivered by three of the prominent voices in the pre-Tribulation rapture view of Eschatology:

Amir Tsarfati (Israel)

An informative biography of him is provided by Premier Speakers Bureau. During 2019, he has appeared in Singapore, Europe, Brazil, the US, Australia, and of course the Middle East, where he serves as a tour guide.

Jan Markell (Minneapolis, MN)

An extensive biograpical sketch of her (56 footnotes) is provided by Lamb and Lion Ministries, founded by David Reagan, another articulate proponent of pre-Tribulation rapture.

Jack Hibbs (Chino Hills, CA)

He is senior pastor of a Calvary Chapel megachurch in Chino Hills, CA. His media presence is found at Real Life with Jack Hibbs.

Recent Video Presentations

Amir Tsarfati – Understanding The Times Conference 2019 (59:32)


Amir, founder of Behold Israel, discusses the current situation in the Middle East (as of September 21, 2019) as it relates to End Times prophecy.

Hidden in Plain View – The New World Order in Bible Prophecy – NEW & UPDATED SUMMER 2019 (1:00:04)


Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries, provides a mid-2019 update on the path to the New World Order which will be in place in the End Times scenario prophesied in scripture.

Jack Hibbs – Understanding The Times Conference 2019 (56:56)


Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills discusses the importance of the pre-Tribulation rapture in End Times prophecy.


It is understood that within orthodox Christianity there are a variety of views on Eschatology, with often strongly-held positions. The intent of this webpage is to provide exposure to several of the well-known supporters of the pre-Tribulation rapture view of End Times.