Sovereign Nations: Social Justice & the Gospel Conference

The videos below are mostly taken from the Sovereign Nations 2019 G3 Conference – Social Justice & The Gospel: The God-Breathed Hierarchy And The Postmodern Crisis Within The Church. The conference was held on January 16 at the International Convention Center, in Atlanta, GA.

At the bottom are links to two videos from the first Sovereign Nations ConferenceUnderstanding the Causes of Things. The conference was held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, from October 30 to November 1, 2017. A featured speaker was University of Toronto Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson.

Statement of purpose for Sovereign Nations (from their About page):

The purpose of Sovereign Nations is best understood as a prolegomenon to the formation of a new, and not just sentimental, conservative and Constitutional Republic. Sovereign Nations serves as an exploration of the intellectual viability of the conservative political habitat, with a view to establishing the groundwork for the construction and elaboration of a broader and more comprehensive vision for the movement in relation to the exegetical intent of our founders through the national founding documents. The essential precondition for a renewed conservative engagement with intellectual life is confidence in its own coherence and credibility.

All 2019 Conference Videos

Introduction to the Social Justice & The Gospel Conference – Michael O’Fallon (03:04)

Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

Defining Social Justice – Dr. Voddie Baucham (37:60)

Dr. Voddie Bauchman brings our first message by defining what “social justice” is by the definitions provided by the adherents of the movement. Dr. Baucham then provides a polemic from an orthodox Christian understanding of justice.

Virtue Signaling – The New Evangelistic Strategy – Phil Johnson (36:08)

Virtue signaling is the practice of trying to put one’s own moral superiority on display by saying or doing something that has no real practical benefit other than to announce agreement with the most stylish opinion of whatever happens to be trending at the moment. Listen as Phil Johnson of Grace to You examines this aberrant micro-reflexive practice amongst the new ‘woke’ evangelicals.

An Exegetical & Historical Examination of the Woke Church Movement – Dr. James White (43:60)

Does the ‘woke’ church movement have any Biblical and historical validity? Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries provides an exegetical examination of this current position from the pages of Scripture and historical theology.

Brave New Religion – Intersectionality – Dr. Josh Buice (36:56)

Intersectionality as a social concept has revolutionized the entire victimhood culture across the political and educational spectrum. Dr. Josh Buice, Director of the G3 Conference, explains how Intersectionality is a unifying framework hypothesis for a brave new religion.

White Privilege – The New Original Sin – Dr. Thomas Ascol (32:28)

The concept of “white privilege” has embedded itself within nearly every stratum of our culture in the United States, championed by progressives and those that are seeking to deconstruct our current narratives and historical hierarchies. As the church has become the purposed focus of those seeking to balkanize the church, it should not be a surprise that this pernicious concept has been used as a divisive tool to divide the church. Listen as Dr. Thomas Ascol of Founders Ministries examines the origins and effects of the foreign importation of “white privilege” in the body of Christ.

Social Justice And The Gospel – The Statement Framers Panel (52:16)

In this informative panel discussion with Dr. Josh Buice, Dr. James White, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Tom Buck, Phil Johnson, and Dr. Tom Ascol, Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon leads the presenting scholars in a exploration of the postmodern crisis within the Christian Church.

A webpage providing links to all the presentations at this January 2019 conference can be found here.

Two 2017 Conference Videos

Why Feminism Can’t Save You – Summer Jaeger – SNC 2017 (37:00)

Summer White Jaeger told of her own personal experience in combating the inconsistency in radicalized feminism and how it is breaking down the fabric of society in western civilization. She as well touched on the problems created of intersectionality and identity politics asking “why is it a critical word to understand?”

Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson – SNC 2017 (1:11:48)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s presentation served as a pillar to the overall theme of the conference: Understanding the Causes of Things. He presented the case for taking personal responsibility over blaming others for one’s personal status in life. He stated that the accusation of “white privilege” is a fertile fallacy wrapped in the self-righteous robes of “social justice” as it reduces cultural and social issues down to immutable characteristics as opposed to individual decisions and responsibilities.