The Great Awokening Conference – 2020

Conference promotional text from Sovereign Nations website:

The Christian Church finds itself societally in interesting times; times of rapid change, uncertainty, and division, where all that was our sure objective standards seem to be melting into air. Among the many features of these tumultuous times is a concept called “social justice” which has manifested itself within faith communities in the form of critical race theory and intersectionality.

Faced with this, many of the leadership throughout our denominations and seminaries have greeted it as something great and good, even as the magnificent end of an evil hegemonic history. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening, however, within the halls of Christian leadership. In this sense, they have revealed a decades-long scandal that has in many ways prevented us from the kind of successful progress we should have been able to expect in the decades following the Civil Rights Movements.

Now, in this epoch of history, we find ourselves increasingly under the thumb of a new Inquisitorial orthodoxy that demands we establish a more fair and just world order founded upon ideals such as “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” and achieved through identity politics. In pushing these ideals, the ideology of Social Justice makes its intentions clear: it claims to “speak truth to power.” In that effort, which springs from a crucial liberal ideal, it is not wrong, but in so doing, it has itself become what it hates: powerful and tyrannical.

Conference location: Hyatt Tampa Bay, Florida

Thursday Evening

10/08 3:00PM Reflexivity – Michael O’Fallon

10/08 4:00PM Diversity, Inclusion, Equity – James Lindsay

10/08 7:00PM Critical Race Theory and Christianity – Tom Ascol

10/08 8:00PM Overcoming the Sins of Our Fathers – John Connell

10/08 9:00PM Panel Discussion: Ideological Cancer

Friday, Day and Evening

10/09 9:15AM We Will Not Bow – John Connell

10/09 10:00AM The Grievance Gospel – Josh Buice

10/09 11:00AM Perverting Justice – Phil Johnson

10/09 2:00PM Biblical and Constitutional Economics – Ryan Helfenbein

10/09 3:00PM The Problem is Enmity, Not Ethnicity – Darrell B. Harrison

10/09 4:00PM Why Syncretistic Keynesian Socialism Would Harm the Church – Rod Martin

10/09 7:30PM What is Behind Black Lives Matter? – Darrell Bernard Harrison and Virgil Walker

10/09 8:35PM Similarities between Coneism and the KKK – Virgil Walker

Saturday Morning

10/10 8:30AM Woke Hermeneutics – Tom Buck

10/10 9:30AMTruth, Flung to the Ground – John Connell

10/10 10:30AM Postquam lux, Tenebras – Michael O’Fallon

10/10 11:30AM The Only Road Forward for True Christians – Tom Ascol