The Devil and Karl Marx

Given on this page are links to webpages and videos dealing with Paul Kengor’s 2020 book, The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration – Paul Kengor.

A detailed description of Kengor’s background as an expert in the area of Karl Marx and Marxism may be found here: Paul Kengor Website

Video Interviews on the Book

Political Science Prof. Paul Kengor Breaks Down The Dangers Of Marxism ‘The Devil and Karl Marx.’S (39:38)

The Devil and Karl Marx: Satanic Poems and Rise of Marxism (29:16)

Transcript of Interview by John Zmirak

Why Karl Marx Hated God, and Marxists Hate Christians – Part one of an interview with scholar Paul Kengor.

How Marxists Infiltrate Churches, Using Front Groups Opposing Racism or War – Part two of an interview with scholar Paul Kengor.

Additional Information on Dr. Kengor

Information on earlier books, speeches and interviews involving Professor Kengor may be found on this webpage.