Mid-February 2021 Thoughts on Election Fraud

Recent Reports of Election Fraud

This section is provided for two classes of people: (1) those who are convinced that there was massive anti-Trump election fraud and want to find as much information as possible to convince others of that truth, and (2) those who are unsure, but are open to learning about the distressing truth of what happened.

If you are pressed for time, make sure you at least view the 4th video below entitled “About the Election Coup”.

The first video contains a Dominion executive assuring a group of listeners that there was no way that Trump could win, supposedly because his machines (and not the voters) would be able to achieve that outcome. The second video describes some statisical anomolies; situations that are highly unlikely to happen without fraudulent human intervention.

Mirror – Dominion Executive – Trump Will Not Win. I Mad F…ing Sure of It- (03:56)

Mathematician – Election numbers don’t add up (02:42)

This third video is newly available; it details the delievary of thousands of “fake” ballots in the early hours of Nov. 4. Nearly all the ballots were for Biden.

Here’s What Really Happened in TCF Center on Nov. 4 (06:04)

The final three videos provide a more comprehensive overview of the varieties of fraudulent activity.

About the Election Coup- (19:32)

mike-lindell-x27-s-absolute-proof-documentary-proving-deception-on-the-faith-unveiled-network- (1:59:28)

unrig-elections-mirror-of-jim-holt-with-alex-jones-on-election-fraud- (42:04)

For a number of webpages providing links to a hundred or so videos concerning the attempt to expose the fraud during the timeframe between November 3rd and January 6, click on this link.

Possiblities of Military Intervention By April 2021

For an introduction to potential military intervention, consider this late January webpage which covers aspects of an apparent coup which was to have taken place on inauguration day, but which was apparently called off at the last minute. A follow-up webpage is found here.

The following videos deal with the possibility of the intervention by the US military if progress is not made by the civilian portion of government in confronting and dealing with the fraud. And important date is Friday, February 19 when supposedly for the first time a US court – in this case the Supreme Court – will be dealing with the presentation of facts about 2020 election fraud.

Perhaps the two most important videos are Robert David Steele’s interview of Juan Savin, and Scott McKay’s February 18 interview of Robert David Steele:

Juan O. Savin (P) Update of 13 February 2021 Including Satanic Pedophilia Aspect- (23:24)

TRUTHER INTERVIEW – Scott McKay of Robert David Steele (1:00:09)

For more voices and thoughts of possible intervention, consider the following links (videos not embedded):

Four Amigos on What Could Happen In February (If Not Sooner)- (26:28)

Taking Down the Deep State — Great Awakening with 4 Movies, 4 Websites- (38:48)

6th February Update Current News- (39:12)

8th-february-update-current-news- (20:16)

General Michael Flynn Interview (50:36)

Simon Parkes Discusses Doug’s Interview with General Michael Flynn (24:44)

18th February Update Current News (31:37)

Thoughts on What to Work On for Future Elections

Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney are collaborating on a new website unrig.net which hopefully will provide detailed plans for ensuring that future elections will be given back to the people, and not used by politicians and their friends to stay in power and profit from access to that power.

If you are unfamiliar with Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele, here is a discussion between the two from approximately January 10, 2021.

Dr. Cynthia McKinney: NATO GLADIO joined CIA, Deep State to Steal Presidential Election (13:56)

Here is a sampling of mid-February 2021 thinking of future US elections:

unrig-elections-robert-steele-on-the-12-point-plan-to-restore-constitutional-democracy- (22:16)

Constitutional Sheriffs Stop Federal and State Abuse — JOIN THEM!- (17:08)

WALL STREET TREASON & CRIME – Wes Christian Raw — Wall Street Has Stolen $100 Trillion- (38:04)