Exposing Election Fraud

This webpage is concerned with how the Democrat party corrupted the 2020 election through a variety of voter fraud and data manipulation techniques. In terms of WHETHER or not they performed massive fraud was signaled by presidential candidate Joe Biden:

Biden Brags About Having The ‘Most Extensive…Voter Fraud Organization’ In History (00:24)

In what follows are a variety of videos dealing with various aspects of the fraud, as well as in the attempts by supporters of President Trump to expose the corruption.

Corruption Exposed – November 24

Apparently Dr. Steve (The Optimist) Turley feels that Sidney Powell IS on the right track and still IS coordinating with the Trump team, while raising her own money, hiring her own staff, etc. However, she apparently still wants to “blow up Georgia” first. Is that safe?

Sidney Powell Reveals EPIC Lawsuit Coming! ‘IT WILL BE BIBLICAL’!!! (11:56)

Corruption Exposed – November 23

The important news today is that on Sunday (November 22) the Trump team working on voter fraud has disassociated themselves from Sidney Powell. Here is their statement:

Here were a couple tweets by Attorney Lin Wood on this issue:

Also from Lin Wood:

This from General Flynn:

Here is part of Powell’s response, as reported in the DailyWire:

“I understand today’s press release,” Powell wrote. “I will continue to represent #WeThePeople who had their votes for Trump and other Republicans stolen by massive fraud through Dominion and Smartmatic, and we will be filing suit soon.”

“The chips will fall where they may, and we will defend the foundations of this great Republic,” she continued. “#KrakenOnSteroids”

The full DailyWire article is found here:

‘Kraken On Steroids’: Sidney Powell Releases Statement After Trump Legal Team Says She’s Not Part Of Team

To listen to what Powell said on NewsMax on Saturday which may have caused the rift, here’s the interview positioned at the moment where she strongly criticizes Georgia’s ability to handle the January runoff Senate election:

Sidney Powell Commenting on Georgia’s Readiness for Runoff Election (2:00)

Here’s a transcript of Powell’s Georgia references, also from DailyWire:

POWELL: Georgia’s probably gonna be the first state I’m gonna blow up. And Mr. Kemp and the secretary of state need to go with it because they’re in on the Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase, or award of a contract to Dominion of $100 million. The state bureau of investigation for Georgia ought to be looking into the financial benefits received by Mr. Kemp and the secretary of state’s family about that time

NEWSMAX: Just to clarify, you’re saying that Governor Kemp, who’s been a longtime ally of the president, is directly involved because of financial benefit in a conspiracy to defeat the president in Georgia?

POWELL: We have certainly been told that there is evidence of that, and would warrant an investigation if anybody were actually going to do an honest investigation.

NEWSMAX: What more could you tell us about that alleged conspiracy – [as] the governor’s [involvement]?

POWELL: I can’t give you any more details than that now, but it would certainly warrant an investigation. If it had been reported to me as a law enforcement officer, I would be investigating it steadfastly.

The full DailyWire article is found here:

‘It Will Be Epic’: Sidney Powell Releases Another Statement After Lawyers Say She’s Not On Team

It seems clear that the major reason for the disassociation by the Trump Team was to protect the fragile state of the Georgia Republican Party, where damning criticism from Trump would be extremely damaging to morale. This was a damage control action, for sure.

Corruption Exposed – November 21/22

In this interview, Sidney Powell outlines what might be expected to emerge from the Trump team on Thanksgiving week.

Sidney Powell It will be BIBLICAL (20:24)

Corruption Exposed – November 20

Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Has ‘Massive’ Evidence Lawsuits Coming SOON Glenn Beck (15:28)

11/20/20 Sydney Powell’s Latest Interview with Howie Carr (14:36)

Statistician and Fraud Expert Jay Valentine Weighs In On The Latest Election Results And What’s Next (12:40)

Here’s a link to an article on the election in Amercan Thinker by Jay Valentine

It’s a Coup. Just Say It! – Jay Valentine

Corruption Exposed – November 19

The first video provides important information provided by attournys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell at a mid-day press conference on November 19. This is followed by several videos providing additional analysis of the extreme unlikelihood of a fair election.

TRUMP LEGAL Giuliani and Powell lay out latest voter ‘cheating’ and irregularities (51:40)

MORE FRAUD EVIDENCE – Kayleigh Mcenany (08:24)

CIA concerns related to the election

Exploration of possible role by some in the CIA concerning election fraud. Don’t miss this first one!



CIA Hammer Scorecard Did Commonwealth Countries George Soros = CISA DHS Michael Chertoff Red Mafiya (03:60)

Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking Pearson Sharp Reports (04:52)

Corruption Exposed – prior to November 19

These summarize what the public was notified of concerning election voter fraud by Saturday, November 14.

Jenna Ellis, Counsel to the President, has an updated, behind-the-scenes look at the election (22:31)

Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs Release The Kraken (08:60)

What can we do?

Bunker Ep 119 Get Involved To Save The Republic! Eric Speaks To How Citizens Can Make A Difference. (20:48)

Lance Wallnau Has Ideas Of What’s Unfolding In The Country Using Points From God’s Chaos Code . (39:28)

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