Jack Hibbs – 2020 and 2021

Here are a variety of 2020 and 2021 videos featuring Calvary Chapel – Chino Hills pastor Jack Hibbs. In these hw deals with end times, deception, the Christian walk, and Coronavirus.

Testimony and Interview

Jack Hibbs – My Story (28:48)

Christians We Must Unite in this War Jack Hibbs Speaks With James Robison (12:08)

April 2021 Sermons

Introduction To Romans – Called To Be (56:24)

Called To Be Part 2 (56:12)

Summer 2020 Interviews

Ep.017 Jack Hibbs Amir Tsarfati A Global Perspective Of The Church’s Re-opening Real Life Talk (44:40)

Bible Prophecy – Happening Now with Charlie Kirk July 2020 #CharlieKirk #TurningPointUSA (1:31:56)

COVID-19 Issues

Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart – CoronaVirus and End Times (1:30:12)

Deception in the church

Eyes On. Ears On.(1:01:12)

Eyes On. Ears On. (Part 2) (1:00:44)

Eyes On. Ears On. (Part 3) (56:24)

Current 2020

Pastor Jack Hibbs – CoronaVirus (22:08)

Ep.007 A Christians Responsibility At A Time Like This Real Life Talk (1:07:12)

Christian walk

The Holy Spirit In The Life of the Believer (54:60)

The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer (Part 2) (1:15:36)

End Times

Proximity 2020 Jack Hibbs (51:28)

What You Believe About The Rapture and Why It Matters (28:48)


Live from Miami – Evangelicals for Trump Coalition Launch (05:36)