Dallas 2020 Conference on Science and Faith

The following videos are the major presentations at the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, held on January 25, 202 at Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas.

The conference was a production of Discovery Institute.

Promotional Information:

Dallas Conference on Science and Faith 2020 (01:00)


According to a nationwide survey, more than two-thirds of atheists and one-third of agnostics believe that “the findings of science make the existence of God less probable,” while nearly half of self-identified theists believe “the findings of science are neutral with regard to the existence of God.”

But what if there is another option? What if the discoveries of science actually lend support to belief in God?

Tackle this question head-on at the upcoming Dallas Conference on Science and Faith 2020 on January 25. Held on the campus of Denton Bible Church, the conference will explore exciting scientific discoveries about the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the development of biological complexity, as well as critique the scientific and cultural impact of Darwinism.

Speakers will include the following:

Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe, author of Darwin Devolves

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Stephen Meyer, author of The Return of the God Hypothesis (forthcoming)

Biola University molecular biologist Douglas Axe, author of Undeniable

Baylor University Distinguished Professor of Engineering Emeritus Walter Bradley, co-author of The Mystery of Life’s Origin

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John West, author of Darwin Day in America

Each talk will be followed by Q and A with the audience, and there will be time for book signing.

Conference Presentations

‘Darwin’s Corrosive Idea’ John West at Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 (35:52)


Does Science Point To God – Stephen Meyer at Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 (1:06:00)


Walter Bradley on Origin of Life Research (Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 Pt1) (1:07:12)


An Empirical Argument for Intelligent Design – Michael Behe Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 (44:40)


Evolution and the Experts – Douglas Axe at Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 (52:20)