Further Reality Conflicting with Expectations

This webpage is an open thread, chronicling some of the updates from push-back people related the intelligence communities in the US and the UK:

January 25

These two videos give an idea of where things stand relative to behind-the-scenes activity by entities still loyal to the US Constitution, five days after the Biden “inauguration”.

Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone and Sean Stone- (25:36)

25th January Update- Current News- (43:00)

Simon Parkes, January 18 and 20

While these videos are included in the “When Reality..” webpage in the next section below, if you want a more condensed version of the before and immediately after January 20 thoughts, consider the following two videos. What was expected – but didn’t happen – in the first video is discussed in the second.

18th January Update Current News (41:41)

Simon Parkes provides hints of something happening on January 20.

21st January Update Current News (36:31)

Simon Parkes provides his first thoughts on what might have happened to call off the action.

Previous Discussions From “Inauguration” Week and Earlier January

These are links to two webpages, each containing a number of links to videos coverning events between January 6 and January 20.

When Reality Conflicts with Expectations

This webpage deals with events and analyses of expectations just prior to, and following the January 20 “inauguration” of Joe Biden. At the bottom of the page are some reflections on these matters.

Post January 6 Election Fraud Revelations

It appears that the missing link as to where the vote switching from Trump to Biden on November 3/4 actually took place was in Italy. Given in this webpage are a series of videos dealing with aspects of this revelation.

Historical Views of the Massive Election Fraud

The link below provides access to a series of webpages covering the 2020 fraudulent election and the attempts to expose the comprehensive corruption within both the Democrat party as well as the judiciary.

Exposing Election Fraud