Sovereign Nations: Social Justice & the Gospel Conference

The videos below are mostly taken from the Sovereign Nations 2019 G3 Conference – Social Justice & The Gospel: The God-Breathed Hierarchy And The Postmodern Crisis Within The Church. The conference was held on January 16 at the International Convention Center, in Atlanta, GA. At the bottom are links to two videos from the first… Continue reading Sovereign Nations: Social Justice & the Gospel Conference

Critique of Theistic Evolution

The following presentations were delivered at a Conference on Theistic Evolution in March 2018. The event took place at Biola University. These speakers were all participants in the 2017 extensive book “Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique”. Drs. Moreland and Meyer were editors of that volume. Stephen C. Meyer – Theistic Evolution (47:16)… Continue reading Critique of Theistic Evolution