When Reality Conflicts with Expectations

This webpage deals with events and analyses of expectations just prior to, and following the January 20 “inauguration” of Joe Biden.

At the bottom of this page are some reflections on these matters.

Trump Actions Just Before January 20

Trump Doesn’t Intend to Leave Office (1:14)

Why would Donald Trump have this video created at such a late date (just before January 20)?

President Donald Trump gives a farewell address to the American people (19:32)

Expectation of Something Happening on January 20

There is clearly some redundancy in these three videos, but if you have time, they each have unique information.

18th January Update Current News (41:41)

Simon Parkes provides hints of something happening on January 20.

Charlie Ward update – All in Hand, POTUS Owns TV Stations from 0800 20 January 2021-bEL79qES39WO (18:10)

Charlie Ward and Robert David Steele provide hints of something happening on January 20.

Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez and Tiana Islam-BVRCyEOAH5ex (1:10:10)

Robert David Steele with Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and two others on January 20 expectations.

Why it didn’t happen – future?

Here as well, there is some redundancy in these three videos, but again they each have unique information.

21st January Update Current News (36:31)

Simon Parkes provides his first thoughts on what might have happened to call off the action.

Latest Interview with Simon Parkes (39:40)

Doug Billings interviews Simon Parkes on what might have gone wrong on January 20.


In Defense of Simon Parkes Charlie Ward (34:60)

Doug Billings in a follow-up interview of Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward on what might have gone wrong on January 20.

Historical Overview

Fall Cabal Parts 1-10 – The World is About to Change – Janet Ossebaard (2:58:06)

This is very long – nearly 3 hours – but contains much background material from both past and contemporary history.

00:00 Part 1 The End of the World as We Know It

An outline of world history up to Trump

13:06 Part 2 Q-Anon – A World after the great awakening

Q-world, secret societies, world banking, Gates, Soros, the Cabal

28:04 Part 3 The Alien Invasion (Migrants)

Migrant too well-dressed, off bus for photo-ops, Soros financed, wrist bands

44:26 Part 4 Childlovers Everywhere

Child trafficking for the elite, Hollywood pedophilia, Haiti, details

1:00:41 Part 5 – Children, Art and Pizza

Pizzagate, Podestas, Alefantis, unspeakable satanic evil

1:20:11 Part 6 – Major Media Manipulation

Exaggerations, lies, staging of false events, most media owned by 4 entities

1:37:07 Part 7 Witches & Warlocks

“Spirit cooking”, cannibalism, pedophilia opponents killed, Clintons

2:00:48 Part 8 – Beyond Kings and Queens

Satanic rituals, Adrenochrome, Hollywood, European royalty, Epstein

2:19:50 Part 9 – The Dawn of a New World

Q-Anon pushback, yellow vests, Trump pushback, swamp draining

2:39:30 Part 10 – The Return of the King

Truth movement, who is Q? JFK Jr. death, Trump and Assange

From Q:

Those who know cannot sleep.

Those who know cannot find peace.

Those who know will not rest until those responsible will be held accountable.

Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.

Those you trust are the most guilty of sin..

Who are we taught to trust?

If you are religious, PRAY.


Relative to the Parkes and Steele videos, there are a number of questions to consider:

The validity of the information on a potential (or actual) military takeover Parkes, Ward and Steele are presenting as facts; who are their sources? What about the background of these three? Are they capable of assembling realistic understanding of what has been happening, and how matters might proceed?

Does what they say make sense? Is it actually possible that by noon on January 20 Trump had issued some kind of proclamation that separated the military from the rest of the federal government, and that in late January there are two governments in place, one military and one non-military? Does the Constitution make provision for such an arrangement?

If the total takeover of the government by the military could not be accomplished, with apparently no arrests, would not the “bad guys” be totally aware of this? And won’t they go into deep planning to ensure that they can never be overtaken? What the bad guys feared actually nearly took place? No wonder that as of late January they are keeping the “impeachment” going with Trump supposedly out of office.

Turning to the public side, how many people are aware of the supposedly aborted coup on January 20th? Simon Parkes’ videos on this matter have close to 2 million to views; of course mostly by people who LIKE what Parkes stands for. While most people in the public have at least a partial understanding of the stakes of a full military coup, how many understand the full import of what is being attempted?

It would appear – according to Parkes and Ward, as well as possibly Steele – that the cadre of people devising the takeover want to try again, and seem to be focused on March 4 as a target date, although up until early April would apparently be acceptable; something to do with the end of the fiscal first quarter.

Parkes and Ward come across as people telling the truth. But there are millions of people who WISH that not only what they are saying is true, but further that this coup would ultimately be successful. Because a REAL coup was actually accomplished over the period of time November 3 to January 6, 2021. It was successful because of the skill and determination of many people; essentially the 250,000 people that were supposed to be arrested on January 20, and placed in FEMA camps around the country, newly enhanced in a last-minute move by Trump to accommodate such a population.