US Tries to Give Up Its Sovereignty to the WHO

This posting is concerned with the May 2022 “near miss” in the attempt by the US government to surrender its sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the event of a WHO-declared pandemic of global concern. While the attempted surrender was blocked by an unprecedented barrage of emails and other messages protesting such a surrender, those pushing back warn that the “victory” – as heroic as it was – is only temporary. Another attempt by the US to surrender its sovereignty to the WHO could take place before the end of 2022. Continued vigilance and preparation for action is mandatory.

Here is a discussion of some of the background.

The WHO Pandemic Treaty is terrifying and we all need to stop it! (19:56)

Here is a webpage developed by researcher James Roguski, seeking help from patriotic people to save the US from losing its sovereignty to the WHO.

James Roguski – Stop the WHO

Psychiatrist and author Dr. Peter Breggin, discussing the WHO amendments being dealt with in May 2022

Dr. Peter Breggin – Proposed WHO Amendments Held In Reserve (06:44)

James Roguski provides follow-up information on the attempted sovereignty takeover of the US and other Western countries by the WHO:

James Roguski on WHO – The Script Has Shifted (04:16)

Here he’s thanking everyone – and gives a couple important URLs:


The Overton window is the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time. It is also known as the window of discourse.

Overton Window

Here is a website tracking the various dangers of the Covid scheme, including the attempt by the WHO to obtain dictatorial power.

Covid Call to Humanity

While this covers several issues, it starts off with concern about the WHO takeover

Monkeypox – (Part 2) Dr. Judy Mikovits and Karen Kingston Expose ‘The Great Reset’ Agenda (1:25:44)