Spring 2022 – Damages from Covid “Vaccines” on Pregnancy

One of the most evil aspects of the assault of the Covid “vaccines” on humanity is the damage done to pregnant women, and to their offspring, should they survive birth. In the following are a serious of videos which deal with various aspects of this activity. It is inconceivable that so many people go along with the “assurances” of the oracles of the medical establishment, without stopping to consider whether or not they are up front in citing the risks as well as benefits from the vaccines.

Of course, the profound irony which is now becoming clear is that the vaccines are now known to have no benifit – a person who gets the shots is more likely to “get” Covid, than those that are un-vaccinated. But of course on top that reality are the myriad of known side effects – especially attacking women’s ovaries, and creating high risk of aborting fetuses or giving birth to malformed babies.

Here is an Spring 2022 article dealing with unprecedented negative outcomes for pregnant women who take the Covid vaccines:

‘What I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Years Is Unprecedented’ – Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women

Here are several appearances of Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Steve Bannon Warroom program:

Dr. Naomi Wolf Reports on COVID Vaccine Data in Pregnancy, Lactatio (06:24)

Dr. Naomi Wolf – COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy (13:16)

And here is Gynecologist Dr. Christine Northrup in several recent (Spring 2022) appearances:


Note: Dr.Northrup’s presentation begins a few minutes into the video, and then she concludes her remarks after about 20 minutes.

Finally, here are some comments on risks of Covid vaccines for pregnant women from former Pfizer VP for Research, Dr. Michael Yeadon, on what families should know before submitting to the vaccines.

Dr. Michael Yeadon – The risks of COVID shots in pregnancy (03:44)