PCR Test False Positives and Covid

second Draft – 2021-07-05

It’s becoming clear that the Covid “pandemic” has been planned for at least a decade, with the final planning session including Bill Gates and others taking place in New York on October 18, 2019.

Clearly a necessary component of the plan entailed massive disruption of the 2020 electoral process to ensure that the “right people” would be in a position of power for the ongoing pursuit of global governance., with the ultimate use of fear-based compliance and universal injections to achieve perpetual dominance. That is essentially Dr. Michael Yeadon’s fear expressed toward the conclusion of his Spring 2021 video posted on the Planet Lockdown website.

The PCR test has been a key strategy in convincing the world that there is a deadly virus which has been massively spreading around the world in an unprecedented fashion; this test supposedly determines whether or not people are infected.

However, as the videos below describe, the PCR test does NOT correctly identify infected people. Rather, it can be “tuned” to consistently produce many “false positive” results. Nevertheless, it has been an extraordinary “success”, as people around the world have been deeply deceived into tolerating disruptive lockdowns, and opting to submit to experimental “vaccines” which have not been sufficiently tested, because of the false PCR test results.

Incidentally, another essential part of this PLANdemic strategy has been to ban the use of very effective therapeutics to deal with the illness. This ban was necessary in order to force everyone to believe that their only protection against the virus was to be locked down for months, with heavy use of masks and social distancing, and ultimately being vaccinated.

Given below are links to a variety of voices dealing with the unreliability of the PCR tests, starting with Kary Mullis, who received a Nobel Prize for its invention.

Kary Mullis, Creator Of The PCR Test, On PCR Tests (01:36)

PCR Test Founder Kary Mullis Shares – ‘Tony Fauci doesn’t mind going in front of TV and lying.’ (02:60)

Hospitals with fraudulent PCR tests (05:04)


PCR Tests Explained – Fraudulent Tests to push up the Case Numbers and Mandatory Depop Jabs (02:16)

Stew Peters interview with Dr. Jane Ruby – PCR Tests are from the same source as Magnetofection (07:44)

Dr. Fuellmich – There is No Corona Pandemic, It’s a Fraudulent ‘PCR Test Pandemic’ (13:28)


Note that this is a small sampling of the many voices exposing the fraudulent overcount of actual Covid cases by manipulation of the PCR test.

As mentioned in several of the above videos, what if the Covid virus – even if released upon the world via gain-of-function research – was actually no more deadly than a virus in a normal flu season? Clearly the people “in charge” were interested in the ultimate goal of universal vaccination, thus the public must not become aware of the unremarkable nature of this virus. It is clear as can be seen below that the REALLY DANGEROUS bioweapon all along has been the vaccine, rather than the disease itself.

To repeat, it seems likely that the Covid disease is similar to yearly influenza outbreaks, quite contagious, but only from people who are already sick. And easily treatable by decades-proven medications, with no need for a specialized “vaccine”, universily administered.

There are two more videos to consider. The first contains an outline of medical corruption in the past that has killed millions of people; those who were involved in that corruption have still not been held accountable, and some of them are important players in the current Covid conspiracy.


The final video is an additional interview of Dr. Fuellmich in which he summarizes how the PLANdemic was accomplished. He is one of the people around the world who is involved in building cases for Crimes Against Humanity for those who have been involved in carrying out this fraud, with the ultimate goal of Nuremberg 2.0 trials for those carrying out the Covid conspiracy.

Reiner Fuellmich – Full Length Interview in Berlin – Planet Lockdown (24:24)

Caution: Those who support the globalist cause, are pleased with the 2020 election results, and scoff at any suggestion of widespread voter fraud will label the above as “conspiratorial”. In a sense, they are correct, except it’s the supporters of the Covid fraud who are the conspirators, not those who are accusing them (with incrreasing amounts of valid documentation).