Exposing Election Fraud

This webpage is concerned with how the Democrat party corrupted the 2020 election through a variety of voter fraud and data manipulation techniques. In terms of WHETHER or not they performed massive fraud was signaled by presidential candidate Joe Biden:

Biden Brags About Having The ‘Most Extensive…Voter Fraud Organization’ In History (00:24)

In what follows are links to a series of webpages dealing with various aspects of the fraud, as well as in the attempts by supporters of President Trump to expose the corruption.

Post January 6 Election Fraud Revelations

It appears that the missing link as to where the vote switching from Trump to Biden on November 3/4 actually took place was in Italy. Given in this webpage are a series of videos dealing with aspects of this revelation.

Election Fraud Summary – December 14-30

In this webpage, an assessment is made of where things stand relative to the 2020 election in the last week of December. First, a section is provided which provides information of the status of exposing election fraud. Next, several videos are included dealing specifically with the Georgia Senate runoff election on January 5, and the Joint Session of Congress on January 6 to decide the final Presidental electors count. Finally, two sections are provided to attempt to describe where the election and the nation stand at the end of 2020, along with some historical context.

Election Fraud Summary – December 10-13

At the top of this webpage there is a link to a documentary providing an overview of the election fraud as of December 13. Following that are several videos featuring Sidney Powell, as well as a couple videos exploring the China connection to the election, including the Biden family. Finally, several videos from the Saturday trump rallies are provided, and also a couple videos focusing on particular election-related lawsuits.

Election Fraud Summary – December 6-9

In the first section of this webpage there are several videos from Eric Metaxas, viewing what is going on from a Christian perspective. This is followed by links to videos and an article related to the Texas lawsuit which has been sent directly to the Supreme Court. In addition, there several videos yielding latest news on the Sidney Powell front, followed by several videos related to the Trump Team. Finally, there are links to several videos providing latest information from several battleground states.

Election Fraud Summary – December 5

On this webpage there are reports from the Trump Team for Georgia and Michigan, as well as a video of the Donald Trump rally in Georgia. In addition, there are a series of videos dealing with the status of Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” lawsuits. Additionally, a Steve Bannon “War Room” video is included, dealing mostly with Electron fraud. And a variety of reports on election fraud from conservative news sites are also included.

Election Fraud Summary – December 3-4

On this page are links to a series of videos, grouped mostly by states. In these two days, much of the focus was on Georgia and Michigan, with special attention to Georgia because of the upcoming Senate runoff election on January 5.

Election Fraud Summary – December 2

This page provides links to President Trump’s speech on election fraud, as well as the “Stop the Steal” rally in Georgia, featuring attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Next are provided links to a series of videos exposing election fraud in several swing states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. Finally, several links are provided to Eric Metaxas commentary on the needed Christian response to what has taken place.

Election Fraud Summary – December 1/November 30

This page contains the following sections: The November 30 hearing on election fraud in Arizona organized by the Trump Team and the Arizona GOP, General McInerney’s concerns about “missing servers” related to election tabulation, and other miscellaneous thoughts about where things stand relative to election fraud on December 1, with a final video expressing alarm at the lack of overwhelming support among Republicans for the attempts to correct the election fraud and give President Trump a second term.

Election Fraud Summary – November 27-29

On this page are provided links to multiple videos featuring Trump Team attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, mostly focusing on Pennsylvania. There are also links to several optimistic videos by Dr. Steve Turley.

Election Fraud Summary – November 24-26

This page provides major focus on the election fraud hearing in Gettysburg, but also includes several interviews with Sidney Powell as she discusses upcoming revelations about massive election fraud.

Election Fraud Summary – November 22-23

This page provides coverage of the disassociation of the Trump Team with Sidney Powell and her associates. The Trump Team appears to be focusing on fraudulant activities dealing with ballots and counting, whereas Powell is focusing more on the data manipulation related to Dominion voting machines and associated software to switch votes from Trump to Biden on a massive scale.

Election Fraud Summary – November 21

Focus here is on the November 19 press conference featuring both the Trump Team and Sidney Powell’s efforts at exposing fraud. Also, some coverage is provided of the possible involvement of the CIA in fraudulant activity, including a raid to seize voting servers in Frankfurt Germany.

Note that this webpage will continue to be updated as new information is revealed.