Naomi Seibt – The Rational Greta

There is more than one teenaged woman publicly speaking up about Climate Change, and the contrast could hardly be greater. One might label German 19-year-old Naomi Seibt as the “Rational Greta”. Whereas Greta Thunberg is the product of years of Postmodern neo-Marxist indoctrination wherein logic and objective truth are dispensed with and feelings rule, Naomi was able to break through that ideological hegemony and begin to think for herself. She decided to get beyond the slogans and social pressure and take a deep dive into what was actually true about Climate Change.

In the following are a series of videos describing her background and transition from indoctrinated youth to rational young adult. She discovered that Climate Change is a massive political movement, with compromised and fraudulent science, and that the anticipated warming on earth will be insignificant compared with the great benefits of additional CO2 to “green” the earth and remove millions of poverty-stricken people from starvation.

Naomi Seibt – Background


Naomi Seibt, a popular YouTube streamer, speaks on her journey to climate realism, the state of science, and more during the United Nations’ COP25. She closed out the Heartland presentations in Madrid in the opening week of the conference.

(Transcript on YouTube) “I used to be a climate change alarmist. I grew up around the climate change hysteria in the media, my school books and on TV and I was the first one to, whenever my beliefs were questioned, I was the first one to ask the question, ‘So are you saying you are a climate change denier?’ And of course especially, as a German girl, the word ‘denier’ carries a lot of weight. And today, I consider it an atrocious but back then I didn’t think about that and I was an innocent young girl and I thought that by hugging the trees I could save the planet and that turned out not to be true.

Eventually, roughly in 2015, I became a skeptic. At first, with regard to the migration crisis in Germany. And once you start exploring these political topics that are more on the right or libertarian, things spiral out of control and you go down the path of understanding that many topics – such as feminism, gender, socialism, post-modernism – and climate change hysteria. They’re all related in some way and pave the way for a very bad kind of totalitarianism.

I always loved science as well, so naturally I had to become a ‘climate change denier’ – a skeptic. Science is based on intellectual humility and it is important that we keep questioning the narrative that is out there instead of promoting it. And these days ‘climate change science’ really isn’t science at all. We’ve heard it today. They draw their conclusions before testing their hypothesis and base their assumptions on incoherent models. It’s an insult to science itself. And I ask myself, what is the goal of all of this. And I believe, unfortunately, is to shame humanity. Climate change alarmism, at its very core, is a despicably anti-human ideology.

We are told to look down on our achievements with guilt, shame and disgust. And not to take into account the many major benefits that we have gained from using fossil fuels as our main energy source. Because, look around; we are living in such an era of progress and innovation – and we’re not allowed to be proud of that, at all? Instead, debates are being shut down and scientists, real scientists, lose their jobs a most innocent and genuine science, real skepticism. It’s an insult to the complexity of nature, and an insult to the freedom of speech. And that’s why we are here today, to speak up and to bring the spirit of science back to life again.”

Growing up in Merkel’s Germany Naomi Seibt Interview (33:04)

(From YouTube) How bad is it really to grow up in a country where Merkel has been chancellor since 2005? Naomi Seibt a rational, libertarian blogger tells it like it is.

HOW TO BE A CLIMATE REALIST – interview with Naomi Seibt (19:52)

(From YouTube) I was recently interviewed by a good new Swedish friend from

Climate Realism is making waves in the media all over the world. Science and reason are winning. You can’t corrupt the truth.

Climate Realism: Naomi Seibt and Heartland Institute

YouTube Personality Naomi Seibt joins The Heartland Institute (02:20)

(From YouTube) Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old German YouTube personality and influencer, has joined The Heartland Institute’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy. Naomi will be working on communicating the climate realism message to her generation – which has marinated in apocalyptic nonsense their whole lives – for audiences in both in Europe and the United States.


(From YouTube) First posted at Naomi Seibt’s YouTube Channel: Thousands of people came to protest against this AfD event in Muenster on February 7, 2020. But I’m not fighting you, Climate Alarmists. I’m fighting against totalitarianism. For freedom of speech. – @Naomi Seibt

Naomi Seibt Speaks on a Climate Panel at CPAC 2020 (1:45:16)

(From YouTube) Popular YouTube personality Naomi Seibt joins James Taylor and Frank Lasee of The Heartland Institute at CPAC 2020.

Note: even if you don’t have time to view the entire video, by sampling portions when you have time, you can gain an understanding of Naomi’s ability to express the Climate Realist viewpoint. Much of this video is in Q&A format.

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