More Conservative Voices on Race – Mid-June 2020

In the following are links to several videos dealing with aspects of the racial unrest and reconciliation in the US in mid-2020. As in the previous post, emphasis is placed on viewing the unrest in the context of Leftist opportunism rather than concerns for the Black community. As stated before, the most important voices to be carefully listened to are NOT the Leftists, but rather the Black conservatives, those following in the steps of pioneer conservatives such as Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams and Shelby Steele.

Miscellaneous Voices

Larry Elder ‘Barack Obama Made Things Worse!’ LevinTV (05:60)

Left Policies Are Destroying The Black Middle Class Pt. 1 Burgess Owens POLITICS Rubin Report (10:56)

Fair Argument Against Systemic Racism. (07:12)

Recent Star Parker

Star Parker Our nation is not racist (00:56)

Star Parker Why most blacks don’t trust local police (01:32)

Star Parker explains why America is not racist (17:12)

Voddie Baucham (actually prior to June 2020)

Voddie Baucham Why I Left A Predominantly Black Church To Attend A Predominantly White Church. (10:24)

Voddie Baucham Our concept of race is not biblical its artificial (07:48)

Session 9 Irreconcilable Views of Reconciliation Voddie Baucham (53:24)