Karen Kingston on Covid “Vaccines” as Bioweapons

Draft: 2021-11-18

Karen Kingston, formerly a Pfizer employee, currently works as an analyst for pharmaceutical and medical device industries, focusing on intellectual property and legal landscape for both pharma and consumers. She has worked in-depth with biomedical patents.

Given in the following sections are two long video interviews of Karen Kingston which deal with the contents of the “vaccines” according to what is found in patents. The conclusion is that the vaccines are bioweapons, designed to cause harm, as well as to provide for AI connectivity for the purpose of control.

Covid “Vaccine” Patents Demonstrate Bioweapon Status

These two videos comprise a mid-October 2021 interview of Karen Kingston by John DiLemme’s CBJ (Conservative Business Journal) Real News Podcast. Both DiLeeme and Kingston are biblically-oriented Christians.

PART 1 – Karen Kingston Exposes the Vaccine Bioweapon and How It Tracks Humans (1:12:32)

PART 2 – Karen Kingston Exposes the Vaccine Bioweapon and How It Tracks Humans (1:12:44)

This link gives access to the slides used in the above interviews:

Karen Kingston Slides – John DiLemme Interview

The next link gives access to a generic letter written by Karen to those in control, concerning the profound danger of the Covid shots:

Karen Kingston Exposes the Vaccine Bioweapon – What’s In It That Harms Us – How It Tracks Humans

Similar Covid Bioweapons Presentation with Karen Kingston and Two MDs

This 2-hour presentation largely duplicates the CBJ interview above, but a different interviewer with Dr. Bryan Ardis, and a second guest Dr. Carrie Majed, who is knowledgeable about Transhumanism and other AI aspects of the Covid “vaccines”.

All 3 participants are biblically-based Christian Believers.

Karen Kingston Reveals What’s REALLY in the C19 VAXs. Bryan Ardis and Carrie Madej, Oct. 26, 2021 (2:05:44)

Connecting with Microbiologist Judy Mikovits

Dr. Mikovits provides in-depth biochemical understanding of the connection of the patents to the bioweaponized “vaccines”.

Extinction level event – By Dr. Judy Mikovits and Karen Kingston (41:20)

Here are two additional late Fall 2021 videos featuring Judy Mikovits, dealing in part with thoughts on how previously “jabbed” people can lower the damage done to them by the “vaccine”. And also citing the dangers of “shedding” by “vaxxed” people to un-vaxxed.



Note: Dr. Mikovits plea to the world: “NO MORE MASKS! NO MORE SHOTS.” Thus, for those who have already taken shots, don’t take any more. The more you take, the more likely you will be afflicted by long-term, debilitating effects, including various autoimmune diseases. As a reminder, these “vaccines” are experimental. There have been no long-term studies on humans. In the few semi-long-term studies on animals, they all died.

The Profound Evil of Covid “Vaccine” for Children

When has there ever been the depth of demonic evil in the known history of humanity as widespread as the Covid “vaccination” of children as young as five? These are EXPERIMENTAL injections. Some youth have already died, and others have been afflicted with debilitating and possibly permanent damage. Children simply don’t die from Covid; they have superior immune systems as compared to adults. The risks to being “jabbed” are monumental.

Karen Kingston and Dr. Eric Nepute denounce COVID vaccinations for kids (51:52)

Stew Peters With Karen Kingston – Proof – Kids Will Die, Pfizer Knew (11:44)

Dr. David Martin On Patents and Covid

Also, note that in Dr. David Martin’s November 6th appearance at the Red Pill Expo in Lafayette, LA, he stated that in the future he was going to focus primarily the evil of child “vaccination” for Covid.

His presentation in the video below also focuses considerably on patents, albeit in his presentation to establish the case for raketeering conspiracies by those planning and executing the Covid fraud.

Dr. David Martin – Follow the Patents – Then You Will Understand Covid (50:04)

Slides used in this presentation may be downloaded (a few corrections to what was used in the presentation):

Dr David Martin – Slides – Nov. 7 2021 (pdf)

See a full discussion of Dr. Martin exposing the RICO criminal aspects of the Covid fraud via review of patents:

Covid-19 RICO Criminality – How Extensive?


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