Karen Kingston on Covid “Vaccine” Patents and Graphene Oxide

From Truth Comes to Light website:

Karen Kingston, who currently works as an analyst for pharmaceutical and medical device industries – analyzing intellectual property and legal landscape for both pharma and consumers – is also a science writer and clinical analyst. This background has made her uniquely qualified to research the graphene oxide question and other issues around the global attempt to force all of humanity to accept these dangerous and experimental anti-covid injections.

Karen reveals details of the documents she found, patent information and links to companies involved in producing these injectable concoctions.

Karen Kingston Interviews – August-September 2021

In this late July 2021 interview with Stew Peters, Karen Kingston states “100%” that the Covid “vaccines” contain Graphene, as first reported by the Spanish researchers at La Quinta Columna:

DEADLY GRAPHENE SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison COVID ‘Vaccine’ Is A Death Sentence (25:40)

Early August 2021 interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Info Wars:

BOMBSHELL – Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Covid Injections are Toxic Bioweapons (Including Graphene) (44:04)

A late August 2021 follow-up interview with Stew Peters:

Former Pfizer Employee – ‘Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN’ Stew Peters Show (32:16)

Karen Kingston provides conclusive truth of the presence of Graphene Oxide in the shots. It is biological warfare:

MS. KAREN KINGSTON – Covid Shots Really A Chinese Bio-Warfare Weapon. Deadly Toxins Making Us Robots (21:56)

This is one doctor. When will the medical community come to their senses and understand the evil in which they are participating?

Karen Kingston says doctors are waking up and realizing they’ve been part of genocide. (01:23)

In this interview by Pete Santilli, some of the end-goals of Graphene Oxide related to DARPA experiments is addressed.


The Doug Billings Interviews

Conservative podcast host Doug Billings gave six interviews with Karen Kingston, recorded during mid-July 2021. Also available in the link below are slides and other related material relative to the interviews.

Doug Billings – Six Karen Kingston Interviews – Summer 2021

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