Jordan Peterson on neo-Marxism, Postmodernism and Free Speech – Early 2017

Given in the following are links to a series of events during early 2017 featuring University of Toronto Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson. Dr. Peterson achieved international notoriety during the Fall of 2016, when he publicly stated his refusal to use desired pronouns for non-cis transgender people. A large controversy erupted, ultimately focusing on neo-Marxism, postmodernism, and free speech. A summary of those events in late 2016 can be found at: Free Speech in Canada and the Survival of the West.

  1. Jordan Peterson at Harvard – Full Event

Harvard Talk – Postmodernism n the Mask of Compassion (1:30:28)

Jordan Peterson describes the April 10, 2017 event: “I was invited to speak at Harvard University in mid-April on the use of compassion as a mask for the advance of the profoundly anti-western postmodern and neo-Marxist doctrines. There was a fair bit of controversy surrounding the invitation (which accounted in part for the relatively confrontational tone of the interview/discussion). There were protesters in attendance, one of whom insisted (as is quite common) in speaking out of turn, because, of course, her comments were so important that putting them forward justified breaking the agreed-upon rules. That said, the protesters were civil.”

Video clips from event

Jordan Peterson On Neo-Marxism – 4-10-2017 (04:00)

In this clip, Peterson is asked about neo-Marxism and postmodernism. He describes the shallowness of protestors, and the perniciousness and destructiveness of Marxism and postmodernism. He recommends defunding of all the identity politics studies in universities.

Professor Jordan B. Peterson’s Brutal Takedown Of The Post-Modern Activist Ethos (05:44)

In this clip, Peterson is asked if the current student activism is an acceptable way of reducing unnecessary suffering (which Peterson urges). He decries that the student activism is too public, too much virtue signaling. He urges students to clean up their own personal lives, privately and humbly. Current activism is superficial, trendy and too easy, and externalizes the blame. Need to start with the blame of one’s own life. He says to first become competent so that others come asking you to help.

The Greatest Speech Every Student Should Hear (by Jordan Peterson) (10:04)

Clip starts with the question, “You’ve told us what NOT to do – what should we as students be doing?” Peterson urges them to “read great books. You have great libraries….Take advantage of your four years.” He urges the students to become competent in articulated speech. “When you do, you win, and everyone around you wins.” A very stirring admonition to achieve one’s potential and help relieve the suffering that’s in the world.

  1. Ryerson University – Mid-February

An incendiary discussion at Ryerson U (1:51:32)

Ryerson University psychology professor Oren Amitay invited Jordan Peterson to address his psychology class (to which other students were invited). The event took place on a Saturday in mid-February 2017. They discussed freedom of speech, ideological possession, unconscious bias and the Implicit Association test, and other issues germane to psychology and the modern world.

Video clips from event:

Equity Policy is Idiotic – Jordan Peterson on the Infinite Fractionation of Groups (05:28)

Clip from Jordan Peterson’s appearance at Ryerson University. He discusses the insanity of the use of equity in the staffing of organizations, rather than competence, personal conscientiousness, and preferences.

Epic RANT on Gender ‘Equality’ – Jordan Peterson on why there are so few women at the top (13:44)

This clip deals with gender equality in the workplace, and focuses in part on the question of why there are so few women in top positions in corporations.

Jordan Peterson – The Dangers of Unconscious Bias Testing (07:20)

This clip on unconscious bias testing discusses the inability of such testing to obtain reproducible results: for example, people taking the same test twice usually yield divergent results.

Jordan Peterson Dismantles Group Identity (04:00)

This clip on identity groups demonstrates the incoherence of Social Constructionism. The Scandinavian studies on gender preferences demonstrate the primacy of biology and not society in outcomes.

Jordan Peterson Universities Are Useless n Irrelevant Nowadays (13:20)

Clip from Jordan Peterson at Ryerson. Deals with diversity in hiring, how to approach education and practice as a psychologist, and the increasing corruption in the humanities at universities.

  1. Manning Conference – February 23-25

Postmodernism – practice and pathology (54:04)

Jordan Peterson gave a talk on postmodernism and its dangers at the Manning Conference (Feb. 23-25, 2017) in Ottawa on a panel entitled “Censorship on Campus.” Panelists included Dr. Gad Saad of “The Saad Truth” (on Youtube) and John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (

Video clips from event:

Jordan Peterson On Postmodernism (12:20)

Clip from the Manning conference, wherein Jordan Peterson provides a description of the practice and pathology of postmodernism.

Jordan Peterson’s rousing call for people to SPEAK UP because silence is WORSE (06:28)

Clip from the Feb. 2017 Manning conference of Jordan Peterson encouraging everyone to speak out rather than be silent, because there’s a cost either way. Although he would probably also caution not to cast your pearls before swine.

  1. Speaker’s Action Group Conference – January 22

Pt 2 – Freedom Of Speech Political Correctness – Dr. Jordan B Peterson (52:52)

Jordan Peterson’s speech at a January 22, 2017 Speaker’s Action Group ( event, which hosted Dr. Norman Doidge, author of the bestselling The Brain that Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing ( and Dr. Jordan B Peterson to speak on freedom of speech and political correctness. During his lecture, Dr. Peterson spoke about his experiences over the last few months and, more generally, about the consequences of the joint postmodern, neo-Marxist rejection of Western enlightenment and deeper, archetypal ideals.

Pt 3 – Freedom Of Speech Political Correctness – Question/Answer (30:28)

Jordan Peterson’s full portion of the Q/A at the Speaker’s Action Group conference on Jan. 22, 2017

Video clips from event:

Carry Your Cross (10:00)

Clip from Speaker’s Action Group Q/A whereby Jordan Peterson urges people to not be victims.

Jordan Peterson You Make Children Brave Sheltering Makes Them Weak (16:36)

Clip from Speaker’s Action Group event Q/A, with Jordan Peterson’s answer to the question, “Why are the postmodernists doing this, and to what end?”

Jordan Peterson on Marxism, Socialism and Postmodernism (11:52)

This clip of Jordan Peterson dealing with Marxism, Socialism and Postmodernism is extracted from the Q/A session from a January 22, 2017 Speakers Action Group

  1. ACT! for Canada Event in Ottawa – March 11

Jordan Peterson lecture Ottawa March 11 2017 (1:13:04)

Jordan Peterson spoke in Ottawa Canada on March 11th 2017 on the history of classical thought and the kinds of archetypes that shape and describe the human experience. He used this device as a foil to explain the need for freedom of speech in the political arena as well as in general.

Video clips from event:

Jordan Peterson On The Insanity Of Collective Guilt (08:48)

Clip dealing with Leftist collective guilt, from Ottawa Library March 11, 2017 event

Jordan B. Peterson Destroys Post-Modernism! (10:28)

This clip deals with post-modernism thought, contrasting its de-emphasis n the individual, and focusing on the need to be responsible in the face of human suffering, and not pursue nihilism and resentment that flows out of postmodernism.

Jordan Peterson – The Stories of Genesis (08:04)

This clip deals with the Biblical Genesis story as it relates to the Christian concept of the Logos.

  1. Orthodox Christian Fellowship – University of Toronto – March 7

2- Jonathan Pageau at Resurrection of Logos in Toronto, March 2017 (31:52)

Jonathan Pageau — who carves Eastern Orthodox Icons and other traditional Christian images in wood and stone — speaks at Orthodox Christian Fellowship of University of Toronto, on March 7, 2017. He refers to the origin of his friendship with Jordan Peterson, and then discusses in some detail his understanding of the Logos.

Jordan Peterson The World Is Hell Because You Don’t Speak The Truth (45:52)

Jordan Peterson talk (and Q/A) at Orthodox Christian Fellowship of University of Toronto, on March 7, 2017. The event was titled “Resurrection of Logos”. Panel discussion on the Divine, the Individual, and Finding Our Bearings in a Post-Modern World. Other speakers included Rev. Fr. Theodore Paraskevopoulos, Jonathan Pageau, and the Very Rev.Fr. Geoffrey Ready.

  1. Generation Screwed Event – Calgary – March 25

The equity authoritarians MUST BE STOPPED. NOW! (30:08)

Jordan Peterson: This is a talk I gave in Calgary, Alberta on Mar 25, 2017, for a political action group, Generation Screwed. I wrote it out, and read it, which I rarely do, because I was developing a new argument, and wanted to ensure I made it properly. During the talk, I discuss the increasingly widespread demands for so-called “equity,” or equality of outcome. This is the most dangerous idea that the postmodern neo-Marxists have yet championed.  Equity cannot be attained, even if it was desirable, because there is no limit to the ways in which people can be categorized. Race, sex, gender identity, and sexual proclivity — the current contenders for primacy of identity among the radical activist leftists — are no more valid as categories of human beings than attractiveness, personality, political belief, intelligence, health status, or economic class. Thus, the demand for equity can never be met. The equity authoritarians must be stopped. Now. There are few doctrines as dangerous to the rights of individual citizens or to social institutions. Learn the arguments. Push back. Now.

  1. Mark Steyn Show – April

The Mark Steyn Show with Jordan Peterson (50:04)

Jordan Peterson interviewed by Mark Steyn — April 2017

9. Students for Free Speech – York University – June

2017 06 28 – Postmodern NeoMarxism – Diagnosis and Cure (33:12)

Jordan Peterson summarizes the impact of postmodernism and neo-Marxism on the culture, and focuses especially on possible remedies in the educational arena.

10. Interview with Epoch Times – June

Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism – Jordan B Peterson (43:00)

Jordan Peterson, Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, speaks with The Epoch Times about Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism. Communism is estimated to have killed at least 100 million people, yet its crimes have not been fully compiled and its ideology still persists. The Epoch Times seeks to expose the history and beliefs of this movement, which has been a source of tyranny and destruction since it emerged.