Jordan Peterson – November 19 Forum

It is suggested that the first three videos be viewed before taking on the actual 97-minute “debate”. The first two give Peterson-friendly commentary, while the third is a brief extract from the forum.

In Defense of Peterson at UoT Debate (17:19)

A defense of Jordan Peterson in his November 19, 2016 “debate” with three pro-Feminist lawyers at University of Toronto.

Jordan Peterson – Forum on Bill C-16 and OHRC at U of T (11:26)

Steve Brule of Studio Brule provides commentary supporting Jordan Peterson concerning the November 19, 2016 “debate” with three Feminist lawyers at the University of Toronto concerning Bill C-16 and Transgender pronouns.

Jordan Peterson reads letter from student on PC culture (1:47)

Excerpt from Jordan Petersons testimony at the November 19, 2016 debate.

JB Peterson Debate on Bill C-16 19th Nov 2016 (1:37:12)

A full video of the November 19, 2016 “debate” of Jordan Peterson with three pro-Feminist lawyers at University of Toronto. Note the use of the “them/they” pronouns for the Transgender lawyer during the introduction of the speakers.

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