Jordan Peterson – Miscellaneous

The following videos contain support for Jordan Peterson, as weel as commentary by him on aspects of the battle for free speech and the danger of increasingly onerous totalitarian control of thought and behavior in Canadian society.

Support of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson and Freedom of Speech – TFF Episode 52 (20:26)

Anti-Feminist University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo discusses the current battle for free speech being waged by Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto.

Support Jordan B. Peterson (34:31)

Video blogger Michael Black discusses the free speech issues brought to the surface by Jordan Peterson. He is a strong supporter of Petereson, and encourges his viewers to stand up for truth, and not try to remain safe and silent.

Jordan Peterson – Warnings of Totalitarianism

Jordan Peterson – A history lesson for political radicals (29:06)

Professor Jordan Peterson provides a warning to SJW’s and similar political radicals of the history of outcomes resulting from the ideologically based processes they are supporting.

2014 Personality Lecture 13 – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Existentialism) (1:17:37)

A lecture by psychology professor Jordan Peterson dealing with totalitarian regimes and the way people under such control are compromised and de-moralized. He makes use of the profound observations of Solzhenitsyn.

Jordan Peterson – Audio Interviews

Jordan Peterson – Gender Differences, Social Constructionism & Patriarchy (10:14)

Audio only: Peterson shows that true science demolishes Social Constructionism – see Scandinavia.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson Explains Gender Controversy (9:34)

Peterson interview dealing with gender controversy as it relates to sound reasoning, and the dangers of breaching the walls of sane convention.

Jordan Peterson Interview 2016 (Bryan Callen Show) (1:13:30)

Podcast interview dealing with freedom of speech, focusing on Transgender pronouns and the legal enforcement of usage demands.

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