Jordan Peterson Interview by Cathy Newman (January 2018)

Here is the viral video (over 14 million views as of March 2019 ) of Cathy Newman interviewing Jordan Peterson on UK Channel 4:

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism (29:00)

Here are clips of Peterson reflecting on the interview:

Jordan Peterson on the infamous ‘GOTCHA’ moment and animus possession (05:44)

Jordan Peterson on what he would do in Cathy Newman’s shoes (05:24)

‘I was watching her like a clinician.’ Jordan Peterson analyses Cathy Newman (03:04)

The Two Faces of Cathy Newman – Jordan Peterson recounts the moments before the interview (02:12)

Jordan Peterson on the events that followed notorious channel 4 interview (07:52)

Some printed articles soon after the interview:

David Brooks (NYT) – The Jordan Peterson Moment

National Review – The Last Gasps of Outrage Culture

Peggy Noonan (WSJ) – Who’s Afraid of Jordan Peterson

The Atlantic – Why Can’t People Hear What Jordan Peterson is Saying?

Here is an interview of Peterson by Libertarian Christian David Gornoski, dealing in part with the Newman interview, but also in more comprehensve views of Christianity vs. Identity Politics. Many references are made to Peterson’s 2018 book, Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos:

Christ vs the Crowd – Jordan Peterson, David Gornoski on 12 Rules for Life, Sacrifice, Rene Girard (1:09:48)

Here is a clip of Cathy Newman from a few years ago:

Cathy Newman Not Exactly Ushered Out Of Mosque On #VisitMyMosque Day (01:36)