Jordan Peterson – Free Speech Rally

These videos are related to a rally in support of free speech at University of Toronto, held in early October 2016, followng the posting of Professor Jordan Peterson’s three videos wherein he raised concerns about the infringment of free speech threatened by political correctness. The rally itself feature disruptive actions by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) — “PC Authoritarians”, as Peterson describes them — who clearly do not support civil dialogue.

Dr. Jordan Peterson Freedom Of Speech (2:07)

Professor Jordan Peterson briefly outlines the importance of free speech during a calm point in a free speech rally.

Professor Jordan Peterson Swarmed by Narcissistic SJW Ideologues after UofT Rally (13:20)

Confrontation following pro free speech rally between Transgender students and Professor Jordan Peterson.

Chaos Erupts At U of T Pro Free Speech Rally (10:46)

Intolerant Leftist students disrupt Jordan Peterson’s pro free speech rally.

University of Toronto Prof Jordan Peterson – Is Canada White Supremacist (1:57)

Conclusion of a discussion following pro free speech rally between young Black student and Professor Jordan Peterson.

PetersonConversation BlackLivesMatter (9:36)

Discussion following pro free speech rally between young Black student and Professor Jordan Peterson.

Toronto Radicals Fight Free Speech (8:01)

Free speech advocate Lauren Southern documents some of the free speech rally in support of Professor Jordan Peterson. Brief segments with free speech supporters, the rest chaos by the Leftists, mostly chanting “shame”, but also sometimes pushing and shoving.

Lauren Southern Becomes a Man (8:03)

Free speech advocate Lauren Southern shows how easy it is to become a man in Ontario, getting a letter from a doctor that she WAS a man, and then going to the province office to get her ID card. Easy. Lauren is now a man. What is unsure is how many XY chromosomes she picked up in the process!

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