Hork Logic and Diapraxis

Max Horkheimer, one of the founders of the Cultural Marxist think tank called the Frankfurt School, stated the following: “Logic is not independent of content.” In the context of Marxism, he meant that something is “true” if it is supportive of Marxism, and “false” if it is not. This kind of ideological thinking can lead to outcomes which are objectively illogical. It is often used within the overall propaganda thrust of Cultural Marxism to justify various declarations of political correctness.

Note that the Postmodernists in the 1970s refined Horkheimer’s concept by its outright dismissal of logic as a technique employed by the evil Patriarchy to obtain and maintain power.

In addition to Horkheimer’s agenda-based “logic”, there is also the companion technique of “diapraxis” which is skillfully employed by Marxists to expedite the Gramscian transformation of the masses from traditional to revolutionary thought.  The word diapraxis is a derivative of the Marxist concept of “dialectics”, which can be defined as the combining of opposing or contradictory ideas (thesis and antithesis) to create a new idea (synthesis). Diapraxis is actually the combination of “dialectical” with the word “praxis” (i.e., putting an idea into action or practice).

In the political arena, the dialectical method is often used in a manner to deconstruct and/or re-cast some long-held view or belief. At its most basic level it includes two exaggerated extremes, where a “thesis” is usually proposed as a departure from the norm which would be too extreme for the reader/listener, while the antithesis is usually a caricature of a traditional viewpoint or doctrine. In this way, a false tension is established which creates the felt need for resolution. The writer/speaker then proposes a “synthesis” which is actually a departure from the now supposedly discredited traditional position, but thankfully to the reader/listener not as far as the thesis position. Hence the reader/listener is often moved to the synthesis position, and feels good about this change.

What actually has taken place is manipulation.  Diapraxis uses dialectical techniques to change your mind, at least those of you who (according to the writer/speaker) need to adopt a new outlook. It is subtle, and at its core coercive in moving people to the Marxist way of thinking.


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