Election Fraud Summary – December 14-30

In this webpage, an assessment is made of where things stand relative to the 2020 election in the last week of December. First, a section is provided which provides information of the status of exposing election fraud. Next, several videos are included dealing specifically with the Georgia Senate runoff election on January 5, and the Joint Session of Congress on January 6 to decide the final Presidental electors count. Finally, two sections are provided to attempt to describe where the election and the nation stand at the end of 2020, along with some historical context.

Election Fraud Evidence and Lawsuits

Interview With Sidney Powell By Todd Herman On Her Elevator Pitch To The Supreme Court (06:60)


Atty. Jenna Ellis on WI Supreme Court Case Bush v. Gore Is Precedent – Trump Gets Same Opportunity (03:36)

Exclusive Exam Indicates Georgia Tabulating Machine Sent Results to China (25:16)

FlashPoint Hope Is Not Lost! Featuring Attorney Sidney Powell (58:40)


Sidney Powell Has RELEASED The KRN ‘WE WILL WIN! 4 MORE YEARS!’ (09:60)


Lin Wood claims courts are compromised explains why Lawsuit to block 5 states’ electoral votes (13:52)


Lin Wood Interview with Joshua Philipp (57:48)


January 5

‘Unbelievable’ Dozens of Georgia witnesses step forward to expose election irregularities – Pt1 NTD (1:09:36)

Video shows officials can change votes Election witnesses alarmed by irregularities NTD Recap (11:44)

January 6

12th Amendment Explained Mike Pence’s Exclusive Authority to Overturn Election Facts Matter (16:40)


The 12th Amendment the 2020 Election (07:00)

Ali Alexander – What Will Happen on January 6 The Motivation the Threats and the Courage (34:04)


Where Things Stand – December 27, 2020

Christmas Is NOT CANCELED, It’s Vital This Year (37:24)


Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 122720 Fox News December 27 2020 (36:60)


WHO Will Be Our PRESIDENT The Current State Of Our Country Rudy Giuliani Ep. 97 (41:00)


Life Liberty Levin 12272020 FULL Fox News December 27 2020 (30:36)


Revenge of the Kraen (51:12)


Historical View

Agenda – Grinding America Down (1:32:28)


Paul Kengor Communist Destruction Guides Modern Social Movements Crossroads (22:28)

Is Black Lives Matter Losing (05:00)