Election Fraud – Spring 2021

Draft: 2021-05-14

Some who come across this webpage might be asking why people are still questioning the results of the 2020 election? On the other hand, others may question how anyone at this date could not realize that something was profoundly wrong with what took place, prior to, during, and following November 3.

The answer of course is that election indeed was massively fraudulent, most importantly for the Presidential race, but also in many down-ballot races as well. However, we have not only the media and the political parties but also academia and much of corporate America whose collective response continues to be “nothing to see here.” Add to that the Deep State which in many sectors was eager to get rid of Trump because he threatened their corrupt mode of operation, and it’s not surprising that many have been deceived.

Here’s a way to look at things relative to the media, political parties, corporations, academia: they’ve all been “cleansed” of deviation from the “party line”. Cancel culture started as a tool to get the Leftists uniformly on-message, and now they’re coming after the rest of us, those who are patriotic, take Christianity seriously, and who understand the profound nature of the unprecedented “bloodless coup” that took place on and around November 3.

A suggestion; a rule of thumb: the only reason to consult the media and similar entities is to understand how they are twisting the truth. NEVER believe what they communicate; it’s all corrupt: all truth has been cancelled.

A case in point is discussed below. Attorney Sidney Powell, she of the “Kraken” fame, was reported by the media on about March 22 to have backed off of her claims of election fraud. It was widely broadcast by the media. Yet it was simply some skillful but corrupt Leftist journalists that took words and partial sentences from one of her lawsuits to mean the opposite of what was actually communicated. Given below is a link to one example of the corrupt story. Essentially the same falsehoods are found on multiple Leftist websites, and perhaps even picked up by a few conservative outlets that have not yet understood the profound unreliability of Leftist media:

Sidney Powell argues in new court filing that no reasonable people would believe her election fraud claims

Here’s Powell’s response:

Sidney Powell Responds to Fake News

Why would she be so attacked? Because she’s over the target. See her response below in her 4-part interview with Dinesh D’Souza a couple days later.

Here’s another consideration. Is there ANYONE on the Left, including all elected legislators and their staff, who actually believe the election was NOT massively fraudulent? Similar with the RINO’s and Never-Trump people? It defies reason to think that any of them are sincere and believe that the election was fair: they have all been corrupted. The Left’s most important goal is to make sure that the people who support them with their votes are solidly convinced that everything about the election was done with great honesty.

As of May 2021, the most important election fraud concerns are focused on election audits in some states. In Arizona which is the first state to be audited as per order of the Republican-controlled legislature, there has been furious pushback from the Democrat party, to shut down the audit. But why wouldn’t they WELCOME an audit, to “prove” that Biden’s victory in that state was valid. But no, they are acting like guilty people ordinarily behave.

A separate webpage has been created to stay on top of the state audits:

2020 Election – State Audits

Given below are links to some relatively recent videos, articles and books exploring various aspects of the fraud and what might be done about it. In the meantime of course the fraudulent Harris administration – combined with many legislators who were similarly fraudulently “elected” – restructures fundamental components of government at the Federal level to ensure that the Marxist, globalist, anti-Christian policies become cast in concrete, with no possibility of any modification going forward. The cold truth is that if something isn’t done, the United States as a constitutionally-based democratic republic will vanish from the earth.

The links below are grouped by entities who are attempting to reverse the election results. What they have in common is the shortness of time; there is a sense that important pushback must be accomplished well-prior to the 2022 elections. Further, there are some below who believe that the US military is planning on intervening to reinstall Donald Trump as the duly elected President. In fact, some were expecting a “counter-coup” to take place on January 20, while others suggested March 3. It has also been suggested that the military will only act when they are convinced that all civilian avenues to overturn the fraud have been exhausted.

Note that there was a kind of conservative “deadline” for February 19 relative to the action or inaction by the Supreme Court on several electron fraud lawsuits. Some of the people discussing potential military action suggested that the refusal of the SCOTUS to take the lawsuits was the “last straw” that would signal to the military that even the SCOTUS is corrupt, along with the Legislative branch based upon its inaction on January 6 in selecting alternate Electors from the “swing states”.

However, a counter-coup by the military would cause a combination of jubilation in half the country, and massive civil unrest in the other half. Of course, if the military intervention were to order new elections, using paper ballots only, and tabulations in each state by the National Guard, perhaps less unrest? Or maybe only do new elections in the Swing States?

It is not the purpose of this posting to recommend or support military intervention, but simply to note that some people are discussing this option.

Election Fraud and Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell joined with the Trump campaign shortly after the election as the realization of the massive fraud became clear. Her focus was on the Dominion machines which had the ability to switch votes as well as fractionalize results; for example, each vote for Biden would be worth 1.26, and each vote for Trump worth 0.74. After a month or so, she left the Trump campaign, but increased the size of her team of investigators, and continued to work on exposing the fraud. Some people who want to dismiss her by claiming that “she has no proof”. But that’s not correct. Essentially, other than in Michigan, no court has given her “standing” to present her compelling case. It’s not Powell that’s a fraud, it’s the courts that refuse to take the cases that are corrupt.

Given below are links to sections of an early April interview with Dinesh D’Souza.

Websites: sidneypowell.com and defendingtherepublic.com

Mirror – Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down – Part 1 (07:00)

Mirror – Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down – Part 2 (07:08)

Mirror – Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down – Part 3 (06:12)

Mirror – Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down – Part 4 (10:48)

Election Fraud and Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell, the Founder of My Pillow had become a friend and supporter of President Trump in the last few years. Also, after a multi-year struggle with drug addiction, he became a born-again Christian, and turned his life around. In early November, when he realized that the presidential election was fraudulent, he formed a group of investigators and began to collect information on how the election fraud was undertaken. As with Sidney Powell, he has had much focus on the Dominion machines. Both he and Powell have been sued by Dominion for more than 1 billion dollars each.

Note that Lindell recently suggested that Trump would resume his rightful role as President by mid-August 2021.

Website: lindelltv.com

This first video is an interview by Eric Metaxas.

Mike Lindell On His Election Investigation And FrankSpeech.com (40:60)

Absolute Proof – Mike Lindell (1:59:58)

Mike Lindell Presents – Absolute Interference – frankspeech.com (2:04:00)

Election Fraud and Patrick Byrne

What is interesting about Founder and former CEO of Overstock.com is that he did not vote for Donald Trump; he voted Libertarian. He has written what is thus far the definitive book on 2020 election fraud.

Book: The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him

Patrick Byrne on CCP Election Interference ‘This Was an Act of War’ Focus Talk (10:32)

Dark To Light – The Deep Rig – An Interview With Patrick Byrne

Mirror – Patrick Byrne The Deep Rig Book Steve O and Sophia #1 Bestseller Amazon Suppression (23:28)

Mirror – Patrick Byrne The Deep Rig Book No.1 Best Seller Book Interview Warriors And Wildmen (48:12)

Additional Election Fraud Insights

Biden Brags About Having The ‘Most Extensive…Voter Fraud Organization’ In History (00:24)

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