Dealing with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

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The issue looked at on this webpage is ability for people with unwanted same sex attraction to be set free.

Therapist David Pickup with Eric Metaxas (2020) and Testifying in Boston (2017)

Therapist David Pickup On People Who Seek To Change Their Same-sex Attractions Despite Opposition (30:15)

06.06.17 Counseling Ban – David Pickup testimony (14:48)

Websites Supporting Sexual Orientation Change Therapy as of 2020

David Pickup – LMFT – Reintegrative Therapist

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Voices of Change: Real Change in Sexual Feelings Through Therapy that Works!

Sample Dr. Christopher Yuan Videos (2016 and 2018)

A Christian Response to Homosexuality Q&A Dr. Christopher Yuan (41:60)

Out of a Far Country – The Yuan Family Testimony (45:04)

Earlier Thinking on Transformation (2015)

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth

The ‘Trojan Couch’ Confronts Cultural Consensus on Homosexuality

The Trojan Couch: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science

Jefferey Satinover’s extensive 2004 essay exposing the abuse of science in the promotion of the Gay political agenda.

Webpages on Transgender Issues

Articles and Videos – Gender Ideology

Gender Identity Disorder