Cultural Marxism — Part 1 — Overview

Political correctness has its origins in the Frankfurt School (FS) of Marxism, beginning in the 1920’s, whereby communist intellectuals re-cast Marxist communism from economic into cultural terms: the result is known as Cultural Marxism (CM).  These individuals set out to undertake what they termed the “long march” through the various pillars of Western culture, with the ultimate goal of a classless society, and a central government controlling all aspects of life.  Their vision is fairly accurately rendered in the lyrics to John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”.

In order to accomplish these goals, the FS people knew they had first to destroy the hold of Judeo-Christianity on the West, then create a revolutionary, post-Christian, morally relativistic culture that could easily be molded at will by the CM elitists directing the transformation.  The classical Marxist model of oppressor/oppressed whereby the workers of the world united against the factory owners was modified to apply to a number of presumed oppressor/oppressed groups such as White/Black, Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Christian/Islamic, etc.  Additionally – to help break down Christianity – there was the introduction of as much sexual activity as possible; thus we were given “make love, not war”, early sex indoctrination, and as Herbert Marcuse encouraged:  “polymorphous perversity” such as LGBTQ behavior.  Also, Critical Theory and language deconstruction became important components and further, the CM’s wanted the patriarchal family replaced with one that was matriarchal.

The CM elites needed to ensure that these oppressed classes remained permanently oppressed, in order to provide continuity in the long march through the culture.  Further, the oppressor class could never cease being an oppressor: they must retain their oppressor status indefinitely. In other words, the CM morality concept is dualistic: the oppressors are completely evil and their victims totally innocent, both in perpetuity.    Thus, only whites can be racist, there is such a thing as homophobia but not heterophobia; there is Islamophobia but not Christianophobia, etc.  The FS labeled this “repressive tolerance”: you must be tolerant of the permanently oppressed, but can never be tolerant of the permanent oppressor. So the CM elites have no problem with an “art” object of a crucifix upside down in a jar of urine, but one never speaks a negative word of Islam or Muslims.

One of the architects of CM — Italian communist Antonio Gramsci — stated that the West was dominated by a Judeo-Christian worldview: morality and ethics which he termed traditional hegemonic thinking.  In the CM ideology, this was to be replaced that with revolutionary hegemonic thinking, and he understood that the transition would take time but in the end take over the West culturally, with the people ultimately desiring the socialist utopia; not a shot being fired nor a need for any gulags.

The way for the widespread adoption of CM was paved by the significant pro-Soviet infiltration of the US government and entertainment media during the Roosevelt years, including massive deception, for example Roosevelt’s constant reference to one of the world’s most infamous murderers as “Uncle Joe”.  After WWII and Stalin’s death, when some of the Soviet atrocities became widely known, the formerly pro-Soviets found CM a home, forming the New Left and becoming anti-anti-communists.

Note that today, CM is synonymous with the political Left, and in the US they completely control the Democrat party, most of the media and entertainment industry, and nearly all of academia.  As well the Christian church has been greatly weakened by its multicultural ideology and political correctness.  As a society today we seem powerless to resist either the incursion of Islamism – becoming Dhimmi’s – or the socialist utopian movements such as the U.N. Agenda 21, which is taking place throughout the West, including locally in the US.