Cultural Marxism – Part 3 – Political Correctness

In the previous posting dealing with Cultural Marxism (CM), it was shown that one must view political correctness issues at two levels: (1) the goals and objectives – what CM is intending to do, even if hidden, and (2) the propaganda level – how it accomplishes its goals and objectives.

As described in the previous article, the overall goal of CM is the establishment of a socialist/communist utopia.  The achievement of this goal will require the abandonment of the existing political, cultural and governmental order which is based on Judeo-Christian thought, and replacing it with order based on Marxism.  Further, in the attack on Christian-based thought, the CM constituencies of what they call oppressed groups must be maintained at all costs: the ends justify the means, and truth is often the biggest victim.  And part of that maintenance includes the demonization and marginalization of all opposition, with no concern about the ethics of the means to accomplish their overall goals.

It was also pointed out that the SELLING of the revolutionary Marxist ideology is done in a stealth manner: the true goals and objectives are hidden from the masses, and the propagation of the ideology takes place at a different level: the propaganda realm, with the most important tool being “political correctness”.

Political Correctness

Political Correctness serves as both the enforcement arm of CM as well as the “justifier” of the revolutionary ideology.  However it must be kept in mind that the rhetoric that is used to justify a particular facet of CM may have little relation to objective truth or morality.  And that’s because Hork-logic is in effect (i.e., something is “true” if it helps CM, and “false” if it does not, courtesy of Max Horkheimer, CM pioneer).  And further, political correctness never allows the true goals or objectives of cultural Marxism to be articulated. 

Given below are some examples of narratives that political correctness rigorously promotes, providing supposed high moral ground to recruit supporters, and simultaneously labeling opposition as immoral and evil, to silence and render them impotent.  Keep in mind that we’re dealing with ideology and not objective truth.  And it is all done with state-of-the-art marketing skills, such that many well-meaning people – both intelligent and otherwise — are blinded to the true goals and objectives.


How is it sold?  “A woman’s right to choose”.  “A woman should be able to control her own body.”  To oppose abortion-on-demand is to be “anti-woman”. 

But what are the actual hidden CM objectives of abortion?  In part, it is to foster as much sexual promiscuity as possible, as an attack on the family and Christianity, the weakening of which are fundamental objectives of CM.  In addition however, there is a Eugenics component: in order for the Socialist utopia to succeed, there will need to be less people on the earth, and ESPECIALLY less undesirable people such as (according to CM predecessors such as Margaret Sanger) Blacks and Hispanics.  How else to account for the high percentage of abortion clinics AND actual abortions in Black and Hispanic communities?  The answer is clear: the CM’s are deadly racists – they want to limit the number of Black and Hispanic babies. 

But while minority babies appear to be the highest priority targets, overall population control and even reduction is the long-term goal.  Consider for example U.N. Agenda 21 with its “sustainability” concept requiring population control; the target optimal world population among elites seems to be about 500 million.  Note that Agenda 21 appears to be very much like the socialist utopia which is the primary goal of CM.  Thus the preservation and even expansion of abortion throughout the world would seem to be a fundamental component of population control, as well as of CM.

Finally, why is it that we never hear about the negative fallout from abortion, not only on the life that has been terminated, but also the effect on the mother, the father, siblings, community, culture?  It is because the news media is largely controlled by CM, and Hork-logic concludes that such negative effects are not newsworthy, and in fact need to be hidden.


How is it sold?  “Human rights.”  To say ANYTHING negative about Gays is considered “hate speech;” to oppose Gay marriage is to be labeled “homophobic.”

But what is the goal?  As with abortion, the primary goal is the destruction of the family and Judeo-Christianity.  After all, both the Old and New Testaments could hardly be clearer on defining homosexual behavior as a sin, with serious consequences. (Clearly that fact should not be used in a hateful manner against people who follow and/or struggle with that lifestyle; no, compassion is the proper response.) But the sad truth is that much of the male homosexual lifestyle entails mega-promiscuity.  See for example HIV/AIDS statistics.  And attendance at a “Gay Pride” parade is to witness much that is obscene and offensive.  Do not bring your kids!

It should be clear then that the CM promotion of everything “Gay” is in complete consistency with the hidden objectives of weakening the family and Christianity; same-sex marriage, entitlement to adopt and raise vulnerable and innocent children in a manifestly indecent atmosphere.  How can any rational study claim that children don’t need valid male and female role models?  Thanks to CM and Hork-logic, this insanity moves forward, and helps support their hidden agenda.  Yet children with same-sex parents in fact ARE disadvantaged, as demonstrated in the thorough 2012 analyses of Regnerus and Marks.

And what about the spreading of HIV/AIDS around the world, by Gay activists demanding that developing countries eliminate their prohibition to MSM (Men having Sex with Men) behavior, otherwise we won’t give then foreign aid for food and water for their people, all in the name of “human rights”.  What kind of morality labels increasing HIV/AIDS infections as a human right?  It’s CM “morality”, which is actually immorality.  Credit to Hork-logic.

As an aside, let the truth be told that the Bible has a lot more to say about adultery and fornication than about homosexuality.  Yet there as well, CM is not known to promote heterosexual marriage fidelity, with polymorphous perversity and general promiscuity considered “harmless” and even helpful.


Islam is protected by political correctness, affixing the labels of “hate speech” and “Islamophobe” on any criticism of Islam or Muslims.  It should be noted that while CM protects Islam, it does not do the same for other religions such as Christianity.  So clearly CM is NOT in the business of protecting a person’s religious beliefs, but selects only Islam of all world religions to protect.

And once again, the answer is obvious: CM wants to destroy Christianity, and wants to use Islam and Muslims in that endeavor.  And in the process, CM moves our culture into a Shariah-compliant Dhimmi status, rendering us increasingly powerless to resist the supremacist goals of the Jihadists.  Consider the accelerating conversion of Europe into “Eurabia” as a cautionary tale.

An odd aspect of the inclusion of Islam as an oppressed class which is protected by political correctness is that both Islam and CM are supremacist ideologies with world domination the ultimate goal.  Yet they are fundamentally incompatible with each another – for example, look at the Shariah view of homosexuals and women; it is greatly at odds with the CM view.  So it would seem that Islam is protected by CM in the sense of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” relationship.  Only Hork-logic makes this possible. Incidentally an excellent expose of this strange collaboration is found in Andrew C. McCarthy’s, “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America”.

Political Correctness as Propaganda

One of the great tools of political correctness is to assume faux-moral superiority as it applies its sledge-hammer power.  But it’s just that: FAKE.  The real objectives are by definition sinister and evil, no matter the clever wrapping.  This is not to suggest that all Leftists are themselves “bad” people; most fall into “going along to get along”, and are not aware of the underlying goals and objectives.  Some very gifted and charismatic people – politicians, media, clergy, as well as ordinary blue state people – have no understanding AT ALL of the sinister endeavor they are unwittingly supporting.

That is because the propaganda level for political correctness is heavily funded and very skillfully crafted, using state-of-the-art marketing techniques coupled with the street-smart wisdom of people such as political correctness master tactician Saul Alinsky.  His book “Rules for Radicals” continues to be a fundamental textbook for implementing political correctness.  If you have been deceived by the Left’s propaganda, so have most of the rest of the population who support Leftist, CM politics; only an elite few really understand the true CM goals and objectives.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis

In the spring of 2014, former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali (AHA) was removed as a recipient of an honorary degree at Brandeis University, apparently because a sizable number of faculty members raised strong objections.  Yet AHA – a woman of color — has been a strong spokesperson for the rights of Muslim women, while at the same time being very critical of Islam.  But according to CM, it’s more important to protect the reputation of Islam and the feelings of Muslims than it is to support protection of Muslim women who are maltreated by Shariah-practicing Muslim men.  Note incidentally even though AHA considers herself to be an atheist, she urges Christians to awaken to the threat of supremacist Islam and take protective action within the culture; in other words, she is pro-Christian.  No wonder the CM faculty members at Brandeis did not want her honored. 

Also, there is something else that can be learned from the Brandeis incident: there clearly is a hierarchy in CM among the victim groups; it appears that Islam is at the top, with women lower, and race lower still.  However this is not because of morality; rather it is pragmatic: the Left needs to pretend that they believe in the enforcement of Shariah-based blasphemy restrictions because otherwise they could lose needed support from the Islamists.   Conversely the CM’s are more confident that they can retain support from 50% of women and nearly 100% of racial minorities.  Thus the Marxist faculty along with CAIR and MSA (both children of the Muslim Brotherhood) chose to dishonor AHA, who is anti-Islamist, even though she supports women’s rights and is a person of color.  Hork-logic.


In these three posts on Cultural Marxism, hopefully the following is now understood:

The overall goal of CM is the formation of a socialist utopia, which includes the state controlling all aspects of life, including thought.  This goal is intentionally hidden from most in our culture.

  • The primary objectives to meet that goal include the neutralizing of the hold that Judeo-Christian thought has within our culture, replacing it with Marxist, revolutionary thought.  And a primary sub-objective is the destruction of the traditional family within the culture, and the infiltration of all aspects of the culture, including academia, government, news media, entertainment media, and the Christian church.
  • Political correctness is the enforcement tool of CM, and is used both to control thought and to deal with opposition through character assassination, demonization and marginalization.  Political correctness employs a perverted form of logic which I have labeled Hork-logic, whereby something is true if it supports CM goals and objectives, and false if it does not.  Political correctness is especially dominant in dealing with various CM-victim groups, such as Gay’s, Feminists, Islam, and some racial/ethnic minorities,

It is clear that CM has been EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL in the West, especially in Europe, Canada and increasingly in the US, although there are occasional pockets of push-back that can be found such as the Tea Party in the US and Geert Wilder’s PVV party in the Netherlands.

A bizarre observation is that hardly anyone on the political right seems to understand the true nature of their CM opponents; they’re always complaining about aspects of political correctness, but seem to never connect the dots to the origins, which came from Gramsci, Lukacs and the Frankfurt School.

Whenever political correctness appears in your life, ask the question: what is the real objective, and how are they selling it?  In truth it is ALWAYS about achieving the socialist utopia via the destruction of Judeo-Christian worldview, and the selling is always a smoke screen providing fictitious (although very effective) justification, while hiding the true objectives.  Once this concept is understood, all politically correct utterances are seen in bold font for what they really are.  However just as Gramsci and the Frankfurt School faced a daunting task 90 years ago to replace the Judeo-Christian ideology of the West with a revolutionary, Marxist paradigm, so now – for the West to survive – the Marxist hegemony must be dismantled and replaced with the original, Judeo-Christian based, rational, objective morality infused, spiritually revived cultural mindset.  And Hork-logic must be exposed and done away with.

Note that almost everything stated in this post is politically incorrect; that is, it goes against the CM narrative, and in fact is attempting to expose the underlying assumptions and ideology.

Finally, note that as with the previous posting on CM, there is scripture which establishes the exact context for CM and its child, political correctness:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  (Ephesians 6:12)

Certainly an entity that consistently seeks the destruction of Christianity would by definition be part of the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.


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