Covid Totalitarianism? Or Pandemic Creators Brought to Justice? (Mac version)

Draft: 2021-12-24

[Note: This special version is for users of Mac computers, because Apple blocks access to Bitchute videos, classifying them as mean-spirited and full of errors.  This clearly places Apple on the side of the demonic people who planned and are executing the Covid bio-warefare against humanity.  Apple is among the corporations that will be brought to justice as RICO co-conspirators in the Covid scheme.]

We are fast coming to a point where either those who created and implemented the Covid pandemic will obtain their desired goal of total world domination, or these same people will be arrested and brought to justice according to Nuremberg conventions.

Focus on this web page is on bioweapons expert Dr. David Martin and former Pfizer data analyst Karen Kingston, both familiar with pharmaceutical patents. Also Christian author Sheila Zilinsky discusses current state of Transhumnanisn as it relates to the contents of the Covid shots.

This is followed by several videos featuring form Pfizer VP for Respiratory Illness, and his concerns about totalitarian control of the world by the Covid inventors.

Stew Peters, Dr. David Martin, Karen Kingston and Sheila Zilinsky

Stew Peters with Dr. David Martin (He outlines Covid RICO crimes) and then Sheila Zilinsky (Covid and Transhumanism)

Please note that at aout 4:50, Dr. Martin specifically mentions lungs as a gain-of-function feature in the 2002 patent for the UNC-Chapel Hill research group work (Ralph Baric) on their Coronavirus bioweapon. This work was funded by Dr. Fauci.

A COVID DEATH CULT! Stew Peters and Dr David Martin! They Want To Be GODS, Secret Military Death Jabs! (47:28)

Pfizer Knew that they Were Going to Kill Some Children

Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reveals The Undeniable DATA Of COVID Premeditated Global Murder (22:08)

The US and State Constitutions Provide for Arrest of Those Breaking Laws

Time to arrest Covid tyrants (Stew Peters with Karen Kingston) (11:60)

Listen to her heart: Karen Kingston Praising God That Some Doctors are Waking Up

Karen Kingston says doctors are waking up and realizing they’ve been part of genocide. (01:23)

Dr. Michael Yeadon

Dr. Yeadon on Covid “vaccines” and Reproductive Health in September 2021

Dr. Michael Yeadon -Doctors and lawyers issue dire warning against the covid vaccine to high schools-edit (19:42)-zL42Za8cUox5.mp4

Dr. Yeadon in May 2021

Our Last Chance – Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon – (48.00 to end) (09:29)-eb0bRFN3rK0G.mp4

Dr. Yeadon in December 2021

It’s Totalitarian, It’s Permanent, and It’s Nearly Here. – Dr. Michael Yeadon (06:12)-R5spA8e8DqaD.mp4